Fezibo standing desk review

Fezibo Standing Desk Review: Is This Adjustable Table Worth It?

By Pradershika Sharma
📅 January 31, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Electric standing desk
  • Ergonomic 27″ to 45″ height adjustment
  • Keypad with up & down buttons
  • Three preset buttons for storing favored heights
  • Eco-friendly, CARB-certified desktop
  • FSC-certified premium bamboo wood
  • Stain & water-resistant spliced board tabletop
  • Spacious and durable with 176 lbs load capacity
  • An ultra-quiet electric motor that can be turned off
  • Accessories like grommets and desk hooks included
  • Available in four size options with varying prices
  • Two frame colors and five tabletop color options
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Investing in a standing desk can greatly enhance your work environment and promote better health and well-being. Standing up while working may counteract the negative health impacts of extended sitting, such as bad posture, neck, and back pain. To help you choose an exceptional product and determine if it lives up to the hype, here is a Fezibo standing desk review.

This top-of-the-line standing desk features a push-button adjustable height system that allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions. It’s also durable enough to support up to 176 pounds and is spacious to offer ample space for all your work essentials. Additionally, it’s easy to set up. But, is this adjustable table worth it? Continue reading for all the important details of the product and find out for yourself.

Fezibo Standing Desk

Starts At $160

Why Use A Standing Desk?

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular as research has shown that sitting for long periods of time can lead to serious health issues, such as poor posture and back pain. A standing desk gives you the ability to stand up and move around more often throughout the day. This reduces strain on your spine and joints, increases circulation, and helps improve focus and energy levels.

How Do I Assemble A Fezibo Standing Desk?

Assembling the standing desk from Fezibo is easy because it comes with clear instructions and almost all the required tools. To put together the frame, you will need the Allen Key that they provide in the package. Then, to attach the frame to your desktop, you will need either a screwdriver or an electric drill. The tabletop has pre-drilled holes that match up with the frame, making screw attachment quick and effortless. If you need further help, you can access their instructional information and videos online.

How To Save My Favorite Height

To save a desired desk height, first adjust the desk to that height and press the S key. Then, press the number 1 until the display shows S-1, which corresponds to the height you chose. Press the S key once more to save this height as your first memory. Repeat the process for two more memories, each designated with S-2 and S-3. You can activate a specific height setting by pressing the corresponding 1, 2, or 3-key for that memory. The display will show which preset number is currently in use.

Save 3 Favorite Height Settings

What Does Anti-Collision Technology Do?

Fezibo’s anti-collision technology is an added safety feature that prevents the desk from crashing into furniture or getting jammed when it’s lowered or raised. If the desktop senses an obstacle, it will move a certain distance in the opposite direction. This helps ensure that your desk moves smoothly and safely, protecting both you and your workspace.

How Much Does A Standing Desk Cost?

Fezibo standing desks have various price points that depend on the size and design of the desk. The adjustable electric standing desk starts at $210 for a 48-by-24-inch size in certain colors, but if you want to upgrade to other sizes like the 63 x 24″ table, it will cost more. Additionally, the desk has a 2-year warranty for the motor and a 5-year warranty for the rest of the components.

What Accessories Come With It?

Fezibo standing desks are equipped with various accessories that can enhance your workspace’s convenience. These are comprised of pre-installed grommets, a pair of desk hooks for organizing cables and wires, and lockable wheel casters that can be easily replaced.

Height-Adjustable, Built-In Organization

Is This Adjustable Table Worth It?

Fezibo’s adjustable table is certainly worth it, as it comes with a lot of features at an affordable price. You get adjustable heights that can be saved through three preset buttons and accessories such as grommets, desk hooks, and wheel casters. It also has anti-collision technology for added safety and a 5-year warranty for durability. Finally, the table is available in a variety of sizes, frames, and tabletop color choices. All these features make this adjustable table an excellent investment for boosting your productivity and well-being.

What Are Reviewers Saying?

Most of the reviews for Fezibo’s adjustable table are positive, with many customers appreciating its ease of assembly, user-friendly design, and affordable price. Some users have reported two minor drawbacks regarding this product: a visible seam on the split top and the package being somewhat heavy to carry.

One user said, “I purchased this desk for my son. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Assembly was straightforward and works as expected. If I had to pick one thing I don’t like, it is that the split in the desktop is about 1mm off which creates a minor lip/edge. But for the price, I am definitely a happy customer.” Another commented, “This is a very well made product. I have no complaints so far. Everything works and I am using right this very second. The package when it arrived is super heavy so know that in advance. But, that’s because the base is made out of metal, which makes this thing very sturdy.”

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