Erase Wrinkles With The Nori Press Iron/Steamer – Here’s Our Take

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📅 June 14, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Modern, Sleek Clothing Iron and Steamer
  • Shaped like a hair straightener
  • Travel-Friendly
  • 6 Settings
  • Priced at $120

There’s nothing worse than forgetting a load of clothes in the dryer and having them come out with stubborn wrinkles. Forget looking grumpy thanks to the Nori iron steamer. At first glance, the Nori, which is iron spelled backward, looks like a hair straightener. But it’s actually a genius portable solution to removing wrinkles from your clothes, described by many as “not your grandma’s iron”. Using regular steamers and irons can be a hassle, and Nori knows that. Make your life a lot easier with one of these devices – weigh the pros and cons below in our Nori Press review. 

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This wrinkle-removing product was built to steam, press, and refresh clothes easily. You don’t have to deal with filling a leaky steamer up with water or taking out an iron board, maximizing your time and making for a more efficient device. The unique hair straightener shape means that you can simultaneously iron a garment’s front and back, while extended handles prevent burns from heat exposure. 

The Nori Press iron is made with non-stick aluminum plates that are built to last and it’s lightweight at under a pound and a half and 14 inches long. Although it’s not wireless, it does have an eight-foot power cord for easy maneuvering and features multiple heat settings so that you always get it right based on the fabric that you’re de-wrinkling. There’s also a steam reservoir, which is designed for more controlled steam release. 

Once plugged in, you’ll see a thin line of light at the bottom of the LED screen. Tap the power button to scroll through the different heat settings. It will blink until it’s reached the correct temperature, at which point it’s ready to use. to activate the steamer, press the corresponding button and fill up the small opening with water or the brand’s Fabric Facial.  Although this modern iron may take a little getting used to for some, it’ll soon become a staple in your routine. Dozens of reviewers agree that it’s a portable and easy-to-use solution that saves time and money.


Goodbye 1950s-style irons and ironing boards – the Nori steamer is chic and modern with clean lines. Its aesthetic also makes it more user-friendly due to its portable size. Although you can’t go wrong with the classic white, it’s also available in stylish colors including pink, a seafoam-tinged green, navy, and sky blue. Plus, the baby blue packaging itself is a beauty – making this a great gifting option and turning boring chores into a special moment. 

Also, that hair straightener shape isn’t accidental – the founder of the brand actually used to iron her clothes with a hair straightening as a genius DIY hack to avoid bulky ironing boards and leakage. After discovering that it was quicker and cheaper than dry cleaning, she and her co-founder came up with the design for the Nori press. 


A top feature of the Nori steamer and iron is that it has 6 fabric-specific heat settings: Poly, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Denim, and Linen. This makes it virtually impossible to mess up your clothing, whereas regular irons and steamers can potentially ruin your clothing. Linen is the highest temperature setting, while silk and wool offer a more gentle heat.

It also features a pointed edge and is smaller than a normal iron, allowing for more precise work on collars and hard-to-reach edges. Along the long-plated tong design is attractive and ergonomic, it can create some frustrating bunching in the handle, making it better for smaller items.


The company sells a Fabric Facial solution for $19.33. This eight-ounce steam solution can be used as a fill agent or spray to enhance your Nori steamer’s performance. It features a subtle fragrance and has deodorizing technology which removes odors. This spray prevents calcification in the Nori, removing the need to descale it. 

Nori also sells a vegan leather travel case for their Nori which has a heat protectant liner, allowing users to stash their items immediately after usage. Both of these accessories are made with traveling in mind (who doesn’t hate that stuffy suitcase smell?) and have received rave reviews and can help make your steamer/iron more functional with better results. 


At $120, you might be wondering: why can’t I just use my hair straightener at home for this? The answer is that the Nori iron press was designed specifically for clothing to avoid damage, and its dual use as both iron and steamer will save you hundreds on home appliances and dry cleaning costs.

You can buy via Afterpay with 4 interest-free payments of $30 – they also frequently have discount codes offered on their site

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight yet substantial Iron/Steamer
  • Portable travel-friendly solution to wrinkles
  • Ability to steam/iron both sides simultaneously
  • Modern and attractive aesthetic


  • Bunching can occur on the handle 
  • Customer is responsible for return costs/tracking
  • Doesn’t provide an area to lay clothing flat
  • Better for smaller garments


If you’ve ever been an anti-iron person, this invention might just be perfect for you. While it might take you a little while to iron out those long dresses and other items with more fabric, this multifunctional device with Apple-like marketing is a must-have if you frequently deal with wrinkled clothes. And unlike an actual hair straightener, it won’t burn your clothes. 

Most irons are over 3 pounds and require a large table as a workspace, making this lightweight option a blessing for anyone traveling or living in small spaces. It’s also a sexier, sleeker, and more user-friendly alternative to less attractive portable irons on the market on the market.

At $120, it’s certainly not cheap, but if you frequently go to the dry cleaner, it may save you big bucks in the long term. Still, if you require frequent, heavy-duty ironing, you may want to stick with a flat iron. For occasional usage on sleeves, hems, and collars, the Nori is an essential that’ll keep you looking polished and put together.


It applies direct heat and pressure to both sides of your garment – just place it between the two heated plates, clamp firmly and drag slowly to press away wrinkles.

They ship to all 50 states and it’s $5.99 everywhere except Alaska or Hawaii, which costs $15. Shipments usually arrive within 5-8 business days of being placed, but expedited orders can come as soon as 3 days.

Their products can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of placing an order. It will only be accepted if the product and its packaging are returned in the same condition as received.

The longest it takes to heat up is approximately 3 minutes. It may be longer if the device has been previously used on a cooler setting.

Although you can definitely use tap water with the Nori, this signature steam solution can prevent calcification, extend the longevity of the Nori, and deodorize clothing during steaming or ironing.

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