Edens Garden vs. Plant Therapy

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you most likely have stumbled upon someone using or selling essential oils. These essential oils have been used for aromatherapy as well as alternative medicine. With so many products to choose from, it can become confusing when trying to decipher which EOs come from a trusted source. 

We have looked into two non-MLM essential oil companies to help you find quality essential oils that will work best for you. Here is what we have found about Edens Garden and Plant Therapy. 

Edens Garden

Eden’s Garden is a woman-owned essential oil company founded by Grace Martin. She started her business from scratch with a commitment to quality.  It was important to her to provide an affordable product that consumers could trust. 

Edens Garden has a strict code of conduct that they require each farm and distillery to follow. This helps ensure that they produce quality and ethical essential oils. The code of conduct makes sure that each farm respects its employees and does not use child labor. Their farmers must also prioritize the environment and use sustainable practices. 

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy bloomed out of a small natural beauty product company. The owner, Chris Jones, saw the need for reliable and cost-effective essential oils. The business has grown since the beginning and has added aromatherapists to its staff to help in the testing and production of their EOs. 

Like Edens Garden, Plant Therapy painstakingly researches farms and distilleries to find ones that hold to high standards. In addition to this, they also check on their suppliers to make sure they also maintain excellence.  

So how do Edens Garden and Plant Therapy hold up to each other? Read on to find out which company might be best for you. 

Quality and Testing

Both Edens Garden and Plant Therapy make the claim that their oils are one hundred percent pure. But what exactly does that mean? 

When considering product quality, it is essential to make sure your essential oils are not made with any harmful chemicals. Third-party testing offers an extra assurance that the product is truly pure. Both of these brands go through GC/MS testing. However, Plant Therapy takes things a step further by testing their essential oils 3-5 times for each batch. Even when they use proven suppliers, they still go through this rigorous process to supply you with the best quality. 

Plant Therapy also has a USDA organic certification and Edens Garden does not. Edens Garden makes claims to using mostly organic substances in their oils but has not gone through the costly and lengthy process of getting the certification. 

Cost and Variety

When it comes to price, we like to get the best product for the lowest cost. Both companies have comparable prices. With essential oil singles, Plant Therapy’s prices are a little cheaper. If you are more interested in essential oil blends, Edens Garden offers lower prices. 

Edens Garden has over 250 different oils and blends. They have their own versions of popular Young Living and doTERRA blends as well. If you are interested in variety, Edens Garden has something for you. 

Customer Education

Edens Garden and Plant Therapy are passionate about educating their client base. It is important to both that they supply their customers with the information to properly use their oils. Applying essential oils is much more than just applying directly to your skin. They are highly concentrated plant oils and must be used with special care. A blog on each of these competitors’ websites is dedicated to getting you the education you need to use their EOs. 

When using oils around children, you should be cautious. Some oils can be harmful to babies and young children. Plant Therapy makes this simpler by clearly labeling the oils that can be used around children. This is yet another plus for this company. 

Which Essential Oils Are Best for Me?

After weighing out both brands of essential oils, we have found that Plant Therapy offers everything we are looking for. They have the USDA organic certification which makes us super comfortable using their products in our homes. We also love how easy they make it to choose oils that we can have around our kids. Finally, you cannot go wrong with Plant Therapy’s prices. They offer a quality essential oil that will easily remain in our homes for the time to come. 

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