Do Wellness Shots Really Work?

When it comes to getting your daily nutrients, it might seem a little overwhelming to put away two peaches, six carrots, and a bowl of spinach in one sitting. In recent years, juicing has surfaced as a popular remedy to this problem. “Wellness shots” are a way of receiving all the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and other immune-boosting foods in one neat little package. However, like any other trend, it can be a little difficult to separate fact from fiction. Are juice shots really all they are made out to be?

What Are Wellness Shots?

First things first: what exactly comprises a wellness shot? In a nutshell, a wellness shot (or juice shot) is a highly concentrated, cold-pressed juice with health-beneficial ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, cayenne, etc. The base of a juice shot is often pulpy citrus or apple, but vegetables play a large role in the trend as well. Carrots, spinach, kale, beets, etc., make nutrient-rich juices often used in wellness shots.

Are Wellness Shots Good for You?

A simple, straightforward answer to this question is, “Yes, juice shots are good for you.” After all, what’s not healthy about a quick drink of colorful fruits and veggies? A more complicated answer might be, “Wellness shots aren’t magic.” While they certainly are convenient and healthy in and of themselves, they shouldn’t necessarily replace your daily diet of healthy foods and supplements.

What’s the Problem with Wellness Shots?

Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with wellness shots. However, many people find themselves confused about what they actually accomplish.

The driving principle behind juice shots is that you can receive all the benefits of your fruits and vegetables without the hurdles of a full stomach or digestion. Unfortunately, these “strengths” might actually be weaknesses. When you drink your fruits and vegetables instead of chewing through the skin, you don’t receive healthy fiber from the whole food. In turn, the lack of fiber negatively impacts your gut health by decreasing the good bacteria that keep your body clean.

Additionally, it is important to remember how your stomach and brain operate. Your body requires a certain amount of energy to keep it running. When your body needs energy, your stomach signals to your brain that it’s time to fill up, then signals again when you are filled up and ready to go. If you drink a wellness shot, you suddenly have the nutrients without a full stomach, leading to a confused brain, major cravings, and (you guessed it) overeating. Chewing your vegetables and filling your stomach might seem counterproductive, but it helps prevent food cravings.

One more disadvantage: one wellness shot a day is insufficient to compensate for a lack of nutrient-dense foods or fresh fruits and vegetables. An individual simply cannot take a quick drink of freshly squeezed juice and expect to see all the health benefits of a balanced diet and proper vitamins.

Should You Eliminate Wellness Shots from Your Diet?

There is no need to give up juice shots, especially if you stay on the go and need a quick source of vitamins. That said, do not rely entirely on the juice as a source of nutrients. Make sure you eat plenty of whole fruits and vegetables and incorporate other whole foods like grains and protein into your diet. A healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle!

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