Dash Mini vs Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

Whether it was a bad experience at Denny’s or a commitment to jump-starting your days with a healthy breakfast, you’re going to need a waffle maker. I am a fan of breakfast for dinner or breakfast for lunch, so my commitment to waffle makers doesn’t begin and end with the first meal of the day. Waffles are exceptional any time of day, but even better when you have the right tools for the job. The question is: should you get the Dash Mini Waffle Maker or the Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker.

Belgian or non-Belgian

When you’re looking for a kitchen upgrade, it’s essential to find an item that maximizes usefulness. When comparing the Belgian waffle maker to the mini waffle maker, you have to consider what type of waffle you’re hoping to create.
A Belgian waffle is typically larger than a traditional waffle due to the waffle iron’s deeper grids. Belgian waffles also usually include a leavening agent such as yeast or baking soda to give the waffle a thicker, airier appearance. Many Belgian waffle recipes call for the batter to rest overnight to allow the yeast to properly do its thing.
Traditional waffles, on the other hand, are more straightforward. Made on a smaller waffle iron, these waffles have more shallow pockets to catch butter, whip cream, and other delicious toppings but taste equally as good with minimal preparation time.

Stainless Steel or Non-stick

Though offering a very similar outcome, whether a product is stainless steel (Hamilton Beach) or Non-Stick (Dash) can be crucial for some customers. When it comes to care, clearing and maintenance, Non-stick is easier to handle. Unlike stainless steel, the waffle you burnt is easy to take care of in a non-stick pan. Conversely, what you lose in cleanability with stainless steel, you gain in durability. Stainless steel stands up to use and general wear and tear better than non-stick.
Non-stick isn’t a material as much as it is a coating that goes over the cooking surface. While flavorless, this material, commonly Teflon —or in Dash’s case, xylan— can be harmful to birds if ingested. If you are a bird owner, this can guide your purchasing decision.
Stainless steel is also known for producing wonderfully golden brown waffles due to the chemical phenomenon known as the Maillard reaction.


Depending on your storage space, you want to make sure that the waffle maker you choose doesn’t monopolize your kitchen shelves or drawers. The Dash Mini Waffle maker is tiny. Measuring half a foot long and five inches wide produces perfectly round-ego-like four-inch waffles every time. Weighing only a pound, this waffle maker is a fraction of the Hamilton Beach option’s weight.

Hamilton Beach’s offering does provide a fold and go storage clasp. You can store this waffle maker standing up or lying down without having to worry about it clattering and splaying open.

Reviews and Ratings

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker has nearly 114,000 positive reviews and is Amazon’s number one seller in the Launchpad Kitchen. 92% of reviewers give this product a 4-star rating or higher, meaning it’s not just popular but effective. Many customers commented on its size, saying things like, “This little thing is perfect” and “I thought it was too small to really do anything. I was so wrong.” Repeatedly reviewers pointed out how easy it is to clean and just how fast it makes perfect waffles.
The Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle maker has 6,600 reviews and a 4.4 overall rating. A company like Hamilton Beach spends a lot of time and effort ensuring that its products are top of the line. This waffle maker is no different. Reviewers are quick to point out that this item has excellent indicator lights to help chefs get into waffle-preparedness, helping eliminate burnt or overcooked waffles. While the plates can be challenging to clean, many users suggest spraying a non-stick spray over them, which aids in the cleaning process.

My suggestion

Parks and Recs fans know that Leslie Knope’s favorite food of all time is the waffle. Whether she prefers Belgian or traditional, I’m not sure. It really comes down to personal preference. If you have room for both, you can’t go wrong with either of these great options. If you value larger waffles, then Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker is your choice.
I prefer more traditional waffles that I can whip up quickly. The Dash Mini Waffle maker produces amazing waffles time after time, and cleaning up is a breeze. If I only could have one, I would take my Dash over Hamilton Beach every time.

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