Dame Pillo Review: My Honest Opinion Of This Sex Pillow

By Naima Karp
📅 February 22, 2024

Sex furniture is one of the latest trends dominating the sexual wellness industry, and sex pillows belong to that category. These products are meant to seamlessly and inconspicuously fit into your home like any other decor piece, but the internet is raving about their ability to help you experience more satisfying angles and boost comfortability during sex. As a result, I decided to see what all the hype was about — and when popular sex toy company Dame sent me their Dame Pillo, I was on the fence. 

Just how much could a pillow improve my sex life? Compared to similar products on the market, the size felt small, and I wasn’t sure exactly how this accessory could boost my pleasure or seamlessly fit into my bedroom routine. That being said, we all know that great sex is all about finding that perfect angle. Doing so can result in g-spot stimulation, enhanced comfort, and better orgasms.

These pillows can make it easier to try out new positions and help you find that golden angle. Most importantly, it makes comfortable sex accessible for all. Whether you’re looking to mix things up, spice up a relationship or just reduce hip and knee pain, this supportive accessory can help — no batteries required. Find out everything you need to know from my hands-on testing in this Dame Pillo review. 

In a rush? Get the fast facts: 

  • A firm foam sex pillow for added comfort during intimacy 

  • Adds support and increases mobility during sex

  • Versatile for use in various positions

  • Can help reduce sexual discomfort/pain

  • Washable cotton cover with water-resistant inner liner

  • Discreet and easy to store

  • Competitive price point compared to pillows that don’t perform as well

Dame Pillo


What Is The Dame Pillo?

The Dame Pillo is a sex pillow that belongs in the category of sex furniture. While it’s not exactly a sex toy, these pillows can help assist with different positions that were previously inaccessible, plus they add support during sex. After all, no one wants to pull a muscle while doing the deed, and Pillo can help. Even if you don’t have mobility issues, the Dame pillow can help you hit the right angle, providing a brand-new sensation in positions you may not have been into before.

It can also help with the following:

  • Mobility issues
  • Injuries
  • Back/hip/neck pain
  • Bad knees

What Does The Dame Pillo Feel Like?

The texture is very firm, avoiding that sinking feeling of memory foam that can sometimes ruin sex. Upon first use, it feels durable and high-quality, providing great tilt due to the firmness level. Although I thought the size would be a con, it actually ended up being a perk in terms of usage and storage, fitting into my playtime (and under my bed) perfectly. 

I found that the Dame Pillo offered a unique combination; it somehow managed to deepen the penetration angle on certain positions while making it more comfortable and reducing pain or discomfort. Additionally, the cover was just the right texture — it wasn’t as slippery as cheaper pillows that I’ve used, allowing for better grip and keeping me in place.

That being said, I wish they offered more height options (as brands like Liberator have), since this can be limiting for certain positions and heights.

How Do I Use The Dame Pillo?

There are tons of different Dame Pillo positions that you can utilize. Knowing how to use the Dame Pillo involves trial and error, since it can be flipped and used in several different ways.  

Doggy Style: I found doggy style to be my favorite position to use it in. As someone that experiences tight hips and lower back tension, I can never fully let go and focus on the pleasure in that move. Tucking this pillow under my hips reduced all that tension and helped my partner reach a deeper yet more comfortable angle, stimulating my G-spot in a way I hadn’t experienced before. 

Oral Sex: I also enjoyed how it turbo-charged oral sex, propping up my hips to give my partner better access and reducing neck stiffness. During oral, the receiver can also place the pillow under their head for added support.

Reverse Plow: One of my hubby’s favorite positions, this position (the penetrator standing by the edge of the bed with the penetrated person lying face up) previously made me feel unsupported, but placing the Dame Pillo under both my lower back and mid back helped immensely and provided better G-spot access.

Dame Pillo

Dame Pillo
Naima Karp


What Does The Dame Pillo Look Like?

It’s more discreet than you’d think. Unlike the square or triangular shape of many sex pillows out there, the Dame Pillo has a cozy, incognito look with a sloped shape, rounded edges, and a cotton indigo cover. 

What Is The Dame Pillo Made Of?

The Dame sex pillow consists of a removable, washable outer liner, a water-resistant inner liner, and a high-density foam insert. This ensures that foam won’t break down over time, and the removable liners mean that you can make a mess without worrying about the clean-up — just be sure to air dry. As a dog owner, I really appreciated being able to remove a hair-coated cover from my sex pillow and wash it before use. 

I loved the thoughtful details that went into craftsmanship, including the soft side handles, rounded edges, and super soft cotton outer cover, which didn’t make my usually ultra-sensitive skin break out in hives. 

Is The Dame Pillo Expensive?

Its price is about average for a sex pillow. Although you might be tempted to buy larger versions from competitors like Liberator, the team of female engineers and scientists at Dame created a low-tech bedroom essential for all kinds of couples. The price is fair given the materials and engineering that went into this pillow. 

Dame sex toys and accessories like the Dame Pillo can be returned within 60 days of receipt for a refund in the form of credit. Since their other items like the Dame Aer, Arc and Eva are some of the best-selling sexual wellness products, I think this store credit policy is fair. Just send an email with order details to support@dameproducts.com to start the process.

Can’t I Just Use A Regular Pillow Instead Of A Sex Pillow?

While some people do this, normal pillows are designed for sleeping, not intimacy. Regular pillows flatten out over time, aren’t made of high-density foam, and don’t have that sloped silhouette that assists with penetration angles. They’re also not as hygienic in case of messes, so in my opinion, the Dame Pillo is a great alternative with the potential to improve your sex life. 

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