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📅 February 6, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • Experiences Over Stuff

  • No Expiration Date

  • Global Gift Delivery

  • Wide Price Range

  • Eco-Friendly Initiative

We found the perfect gift for the minimalist or adventurer in your life. Tinggly saves space and time by purchasing a fun gift from the comfort of your home. Never heard of Tinggly? Read on to find out what a fun gift idea it is!


What is Tinggly?

Tinggly is a thrilling gift box with a booklet of different experiences. The recipient can choose ONE of the hundreds of adventures. Depending on what box you choose, they may vary from a private gondola ride in Venice to a VIP helicopter ride over Las Vegas. Tinggly does not put an expiration date on their boxes, so the recipient has plenty of time to choose which adventure they would most like to do. This eco-friendly gift will be a lovely surprise for the traveler in your life. 

How does it work?

On Tinggly’s website, you will find the option to choose between experience gifts or getaway gifts. The experience gifts are a one-time excursion for one or more people, and the getaway gifts vary from one night to two night stays for individuals or couples.

You purchase the box that best fits your loved one’s personality and have it sent directly to them. They get to redeem it any time they choose since Tinggly has no expiration date!

Our Tinggly Review

We found that Tinggly is a pretty awesome gift! Not only will you get a reputation for giving the best gifts, but you might also actually want to purchase one for yourself. Here are some great reasons to give Tinggly as your next gift. 

Individualized Experience

All of their boxes have something to offer for everyone. Know an adrenaline junky? They’ve got a perfect experience box for them. Are you trying to find the best restaurant for that foodie in your life? Get them a Taste of the World box. 

They have curated boxes for every occasion. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries-these are just a few occasions that Tinggly offers in their special boxes. Overnight stays and experiences in your particular box are found throughout a region or country, so you should have no trouble finding a stay or activity close to your recipient’s traveling plans. 

Gift Boxes

Tinggly makes gift-giving easy no matter where you live. They mail the boxes worldwide! You can have it sent directly to the receiver’s door, or you can have it shipped to you. That way you can give it to them in person. 

Tinggly’s Cost

Tinggly has done a great job at giving a price range that fits any budget. Their experience gift boxes start at only $44 and range upwards to $334. The getaway boxes range from $74 and up. This is a fantastic deal for an overnight stay. 

Redeeming your Tinggly Gift

To redeem a Tinggly gift, you simply go to their website and book your chosen activity through them. They will use your voucher code in exchange for tickets or reservations for your desired experience. Tinggly recommends that you book at least one to two weeks in advance because of limited availability. Once you have your reservation booked, you will then have to honor the activity supplier’s terms and conditions.


We love that Tinggly is environmentally-friendly. Each purchaser of a box becomes a “Tinggly Activist.” Your purchase helps remove CO2 emissions and plastic from the oceans. They even have an extensive pledge to sustainability.

Pros And Cons


  • Customized Experiences: Tinggly offers a wide range of experience boxes curated for various preferences and occasions, providing a personalized and thoughtful gift option.
  • Global Gift Delivery: Tinggly facilitates worldwide delivery, allowing you to send the gift box directly to the recipient or receive it yourself for in-person gifting, enhancing convenience.
  • Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Tinggly is committed to sustainability, with each purchase contributing to CO2 emission reduction and plastic removal from oceans, making it an environmentally conscious choice.


  • Limited Availability: Tinggly recommends booking experiences one to two weeks in advance due to limited availability, which might pose challenges for individuals seeking spontaneous or last-minute activities.
  • Redemption Process Complexity: While Tinggly provides a straightforward redemption process on their website, customers need to adhere to the terms and conditions of the activity supplier after booking, adding an additional layer of complexity.
  • Higher Price Range: While Tinggly offers a wide price range, some may find the cost of the experience gift boxes, starting at $44, relatively higher compared to traditional tangible gifts.



Tinggly’s slogan says, “Give stories, not stuff,” and we couldn’t agree more! What an original experience provider that will thrill anyone. Give a gift that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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