SoFi Stadium VIP: This Private Lounge Is Your Ticket To Unforgettable Concerts & Games

If you’re looking for the ultimate VIP experience when attending concerts or sporting events, look no further than SoFi Stadium VIP.  Brought to you by Charitybuzz, this field-level suite in Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium features a cocktail bar and DJ booth — not to mention the perfect luxury view for some of the biggest events of the year. That includes LA Rams games as well as performances by Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Metallica. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply appreciate top-tier experiences, you’ll want to take advantage of these VIP packages that enable you to enjoy world-class entertainment unlike any other. But first, why SoFi Stadium and what do SoFi Stadium VIP tickets include?

In a rush? Get the fast facts: 

  • Book seats inside the invitation-only Bootsy Bellows lounge
  • Prime seats that offer clear, close views of your favorite artists and sports teams
  • VIP parking directly in front of the suite check-in
  • An escort through the stadium and into the suite
  • Food and drink with a dedicated server
  • DJ booth and dance floor
  • Robust Wi-Fi and a private bathroom

Indulge In The Ultimate Concert Experience

What Is The SoFi Stadium VIP Suite?

SoFi Stadium is one of the most buzzed-about entertainment and sports venues in Inglewood, California. Its indoor seating holds 70,000 people — but you’ve never before experienced it like this. Whereas standard tickets will have you sitting above the show, SoFi stadium VIP tickets from Charitybuzz give you luxury, ground-level views in a gorgeous suite. (Charitybuzz offers both auction tickets and standard tickets to various shows and artists.) 

Located inside the Bootsy Bellows lounge by h.wood group, this VIP section resembles David Arquette’s iconic nightclub. The modernist architectural details provide the backdrop for the most unforgettable concert of your life, while the dedicated server, private cocktail bar, DJ booth, and dance floor make you feel like a celebrity. The Bootsy Bellows suite is an exclusive and invitation-only lounge, but you can gain access to this luxurious space through Charitybuzz. VIP ticket purchases for this suite will raise funding for the Hollywood Park Foundation’s work for kids in Inglewood. 

What Do VIP Tickets Include At SoFi Stadium?

As a Charitybuzz guest with SoFi Stadium VIP tickets, you’ll experience a huge range of perks, starting with VIP parking right in front of the suite check-in. You’ll also be escorted through the stadium and into your suite. Once inside, you can indulge in the VIP lounge, which includes a dedicated server, food and drink, a DJ booth, and a dance floor, not to mention robust WiFi and your own private bathroom. If you booked a concert event, you’ll also get access to an additional viewing platform, which is even closer to the stage.

Upcoming 2023 Shows At The SoFi Suite

These views and this quality of service can make any show unforgettable, but in 2023,  these are the upcoming names and games you can get VIP SoFi Suite tickets for via Charitybuzz: 

  • Taylor Swift
  • Beyonce
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Metallica
  • Grupo Firme
  • Romeo Santos
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup Final
  • Morgan Wallen
  • P!nk
  • LA Rams ’23 season

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What To Expect From The Ultimate VIP Experience

For an unrivaled VIP experience, SoFi Stadium offers custom VIP packages to suit your needs. This means that the experience on hand can be customized to ensure that you enjoy the concert exactly how you want it. The ultimate VIP experience not only includes the perks mentioned earlier but also other add-ons that cater to your particular preferences. This is an experience that is all about being treated like royalty, and Charitybuzz goes out of its way to make sure that every guest feels special.

Who Should Book This VIP Suite?

One of the most sought-after concert experiences at SoFi Stadium, anyone who appreciates an unforgettable show and luxury experiences can book the suite. That said, given its size, it’s also the ideal space to host a corporate event or celebrate a milestone with a large group of fellow fans. 

How To Avoid Traffic And Long Lines

Stepping into SoFi Stadium is an experience unlike any other. The energy is electric, the crowds are roaring, and history is being made right before your eyes. However, the thought of traffic and long lines can dampen any excitement — but VIP tickets at SoFi Stadium offer a luxurious and hassle-free experience. With access to exclusive entryways, VIP parking, and private lounges, you can arrive at the stadium in style and avoid the headache of sitting in traffic or standing in lines.

Get The VIP Treatment

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Luxury Experience

To make the most out of your luxury experience, it’s important to plan ahead; if possible, arrange car service to the venue and get a few of your closest friends on board. With a little bit of planning, you can ensure that your time at SoFi Stadium is exactly how you imagined it to be. Enjoy the delicious catering options, take advantage of the expedited entry, and soak up the incredible atmosphere of the VIP lounge. Make sure to capture every moment by bringing your camera or phone, so you can look back on this experience for years to come. And most importantly, take time to truly appreciate the luxury experience that Charitybuzz has created for you.

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