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reMarkable 2 Tablet Review

Using a tablet is ideal for some folks, but others prefer that feeling of the pen or pencil hitting the paper. reMarkable 2 solved that problem by making one of the first tablets that functions just like an old school notebook – while you can read PDFs or ebooks, you can also write directly on

Brand Review

Keep Cool With The Best Window AC of 2022: July AC Review

When you think of a classic window AC unit, it’s probably a giant, noisy clunker of a machine that has an eyesore effect. Luckily, if you don’t have central air, buying a window unit in 2022 has become a whole lot easier thanks to a new air conditioner on the market. The easy-to-install window AC unit


My Review of Solely Jane Shoes

Solely Jane is a new company that is revolutionizing women’s shoes. Rather than buying multiple pairs of shoes, Solely Jane enables you to purchase one Classic Comfort Sole base and combine it with interchangeable tops, known as Solemates. The Solemates slide on and off the Classic Comfort Sole, making it possible to change the look


5 Reasons I Switched to Misfits Market for My Produce

As convenient as grocery stores are compared to our great grandparents’ farming practices, life has gotten even more convenient than that. If you are interested in healthy, affordable food delivered straight to your door, check out the five main reasons I switched to Misfits Market for my grocery shopping. What is Misfits Market? First things


Does Vegamour thicken hair? A review of Vegamour

Sick of hair extensions and sketchy side effects in hair loss solutions? Check out beauty brand Vegamour, which is helping people experience a transformative hair journey.  What is Vegamour? Vegamour is a haircare company with an emphasis on growing your hair. Perfect for postpartum moms, aging people, alopecia sufferers or anyone else with hair loss,

Home & Lifestyle

The Goody App Will Take Your Gifting Skills Up a Notch

Here are my 5 favorite gifts to give. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how did someone whose go-to gift was a gift card come up with 5 great gifts? Well, I’ll tell you: Goody. The Goody app seriously changed the way I give gifts.

Food & Beverage

My Honest Review of Misfits Market

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save time and money, especially in the kitchen. I like to cook but between work, my family and our ever-changing world, I don’t always have time to shop or plan meals. So, I set out to find a food solution that would be convenient to

Home & Lifestyle

A Review of Ooni Pizza Ovens

Baking your pizza in a regular oven just doesn’t hit the spot the same way that a slice from a pizzeria does. Thanks to the best outdoor pizza ovens, you can experience that wood-fired, restaurant-quality ‘za in no time at all. Outdoor pizza ovens are just as convenient as classic BBQs, but extremely versatile due


Maev Dog Food Review: Is raw dog food better?

As a proud dog owner, I have been on the hunt to find nutritious and supportive food for my dog. The bagged and boxed kibble in the store was not what I was looking for. I know that dogs’ digestive systems were not made to consume dried and processed food. That is when I stumbled

Home & Lifestyle

Nugget Brand Review: The Family-Friendly Modular Couch To Know

The Nugget is a modular couch designed for kids. Referred to as a “play couch” by the brand, this fun piece of furniture can be configured in infinite ways. It comes vacuum-sealed in an orange box and consists of four foam pieces, including a thick base, a thinner cushion, and two triangle-shaped pillows. The larger

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