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Barkbox: Your Furry Friend Will Love These Monthly Subscription Boxes

Looking for a fun and exciting way to spoil your furry friend? Look no further than Barkbox! This monthly subscription box is filled with all sorts of toys, treats, and goodies specially curated for your pup. Plus, there’s a different theme every month so your dog can always be excited about what’s coming next. Whether

Brand Review

Zesty Paws Review — All-Natural Supplements For Your Pets

As pet owners, we’d do anything for our furry friends – especially regarding their health. Immune system support is one of the building blocks to keep your dog or cat healthy. First founded in 2014, pet wellness brand Zesty Paws formulates all kinds of health supplements that help dog and cat owners do that. From


Maev Dog Food Review: Is raw dog food better?

As a proud dog owner, I have been on the hunt to find nutritious and supportive food for my dog. The bagged and boxed kibble in the store was not what I was looking for. I know that dogs’ digestive systems were not made to consume dried and processed food. That is when I stumbled


10 Pet-Friendly Plants To Spruce Up Your Home

We love that plants can add beauty and serenity to our homes, but having pets makes us a little unsure about what plants are safe around them. Dogs and cats (and even mini-humans) can pull and chew on the low-lying leaves, so we sought out some non-toxic plants that we can add to plant collections.


Best Gifts For Your Pet

As Christmas approaches, you’re probably shopping for the loved ones in your life. As present after present makes its way into your cart, and the busyness of the season ensues, it’s easy to accidentally forget someone extra special in your life: your furry friend! Pets deserve love during the holidays too, and the best part is


An Honest Review of Ollie Dog Food

There are so many dog food brands in the world. With so many choices and hard-to-pronounce ingredients, how do you know that you’re feeding your dog the best? If you’re looking for natural dog food with real ingredients, read on to learn more about our honest Ollie dog food review. What is Ollie dog food?


What to do with Pets on Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of the year for both people and pets alike! Most people think they need to leave their pet with a sitter overnight or will have to stay home to keep it company, however, there’s plenty of fun activities to involve your pet in if you look for them! Halloween opens

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