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10 Brands of Infant Formula Sold in the U.S.

Finding the best infant formula can be a tricky process. You only want to give your child to have the best but with so many options out there, picking one can feel overwhelming. All the FDA-approved formulas make for a healthy baby and produce adequate nutrition in those important first years. However, there are certain


2022 Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Brands

Although we’re told to recycle, compost, and do whatever else we can to minimize our carbon footprint, the reality is that most of the people responsible for ruining our planet are companies and corporations, not individuals. Companies use massive amounts of resources, which creates a ripple effect around the world. Luckily, some companies are starting

Food & Beverage

Our Top 12 Gift Picks for the Last-Minute Gift Giver

Here are my 5 favorite gifts to give. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how did someone whose go-to gift was a gift card come up with 5 great gifts? Well, I’ll tell you: Goody. The Goody app seriously changed the way I give gifts.

Food & Beverage

10 Best Sources for Affordable, Healthy Foods

Eating healthy is often associated with a big price tag, but healthy food choices don’t have to break the bank! Check out the 4 best sources for affordable, healthy foods.


5 Cool Finds for Hot Sleepers

Are you a hot sleeper? We’ve got you covered. Check out these 5 products specifically designed to cool you down while you snooze.


Parent’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Don’t dread your spring cleaning this year! With these awesome cleaners and products, you and your kids will get your house sparkling clean in no time. Here is our guide for spring cleaning your house this year. Branch Basics Non-Toxic Cleaners Start off your spring cleaning with Branch Basics plant and mineral-based cleaners. This starter


10 Pet-Friendly Plants To Spruce Up Your Home

We love that plants can add beauty and serenity to our homes, but having pets makes us a little unsure about what plants are safe around them. Dogs and cats (and even mini-humans) can pull and chew on the low-lying leaves, so we sought out some non-toxic plants that we can add to plant collections.

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