A Review Of Caraway vs Our Place: Which Is The Best Ceramic Nonstick Cookware?

As science recognizes the potential dangers of Teflon, ceramic pots and pans are becoming more and more popular. That said, ceramic nonstick cookware sets are a hefty investment, especially when you’re comparing Caraway vs Our Place. Before you shell out hundreds of dollars for a set (or a single piece), you should first consider which option is best suited for you.

I own several Caraway cookware pieces as well as the Our Place Always Pan, and when it comes to my kitchen, I reach for one brand over the other. However, I can confidently say that both companies make high-quality, non-toxic products that are well worth the price, so the best choice for you will ultimately come down to one question: Are you more concerned with functionality or aesthetics?

The Always Pan Vs Caraway — My Opinion

When I first bought my house, I figured it was time I invested in some high-quality ceramic cookware to replace my second-hand pots and pans. I pulled the trigger on a Caraway Cookware set (the Dutch oven, two saucepans, and the frying pan) because I loved the clean, mid-century modern appearance and the idea of safe, toxin-free materials. The gray color was gorgeous, the heat conductivity was balanced, and the set was super easy to use and clean.

The Caraway Cookware Set
Caraway Cookware

Fast-forward to two years later. I still used and loved my Caraway saucepans and Dutch Oven, but the frying pan (my most-reached-for item) unfortunately wasn’t versatile or durable enough to handle daily use on my high-temperature gas stove. That’s when I started considering the Our Place Always Pan. 

While I didn’t find it as physically attractive as Caraway’s selection, the Always Pan sold me on one thing: versatility. Its brilliant features and add-ons create an eight-in-one design that you can use for a huge range of different meals and cooking techniques. 

The Our Place Always Pan
Our Place

I finally ordered the sage-colored Always Pan in December of 2022, and I’ve used it every single day since. (So far, the only thing I don’t like is that the built-in handle doesn’t have any kind of insulation, so it gets really hot, rendering it either useless or dangerous.) While I still reach for my Caraway pots every once in a while, I now cook most of my meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — in the Always Pan. 

That said, your cooking needs and preferences may differ from mine, which is why I’ve broken down 10 selling points by category and listed a winner for each one below. Keep reading to see which ceramic cookware brand is a better fit for your kitchen.

Comparing The Brands: Caraway Vs Our Place


Winner: It’s a tie

First, let’s start with each brand’s cookware line. Caraway’s selection consists of fry pans, saute pans, saucepans, Dutch ovens, mini fry pans, and mini saucepans, all of which are oven-safe. Our Place offers the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot in both large and mini sizes. (Both brands also sell add-on accessories for their cookware, as well as bakeware, food container sets, and other kitchen essentials) Technically, Caraway offers more items — but that’s only because Our Place’s cookware fills the role of multiple tools, making this category a tie. 


Winner: Caraway

Both Caraway and Our Place have created clean, safe cookware using a non-stick ceramic coating. Both brands make their cookware without Teflon, PFOAs, PFAS, or toxic metals. They also both utilize aluminum cores for fast, even heating. Caraway includes a steel base for induction compatibility, making it compatible with all types of cooktops.


Winner: Our Place

Caraway Cookware does what it’s designed to do (fry in the fry pan, simmer in the saucepan, and boil or bake in the Dutch oven), and it does it well. All of the brand’s pieces are also oven-safe.

However, no brand has Our Place beat when it comes to versatility. The Always Pan can braise with its self-basting lid, steam and strain with the included steamer basket, fry and boil with the extra-deep pan body, sear with the aluminum core, saute with the included wooden spatula, and pour with the built-in spouts. The handle even functions as a built-in spoon rest. Our Place’s Perfect Pot also has eight functions, including oven-friendly roasting and baking. Together, they take the place of 16 different tools — and with the cookware add-ons, you can do even more, including poaching, flipping, pressing, deep-frying, and more. 

It is important to note that Caraway pans are oven-safe up to 550°F, whereas Our Place pans are only safe up to 446°F. This higher tolerance makes Caraway more suitable for high-heat cooking.


Winner: Caraway Cookware

Though appearance is a matter of personal preference, in my opinion, Caraway wins hands down. The glossy exterior doubles as a statement piece. The color options are simultaneously modern and classy. The sleek, curvy hardware comes in your choice of silver or gold. All in all, this set has a minimalist, mid-century modern style that looks stunning on your stovetop. 


Winner: It’s a tie

Full disclosure: Both brands have gotten complaints about their cookware’s durability, namely that the non-stick coating wears off after a while. Both brands have non-stick surfaces that require careful handling to maintain. While Our Place offers a very slick surface initially, it can degrade faster than Caraway’s. Caraway’s coating is more durable, but both are prone to scratching over time

Initially, I loved Caraway’s smooth, glass-like exterior and light gray color, but after a few months on my gas stove, I started to see a yellow haze around the base. I’ve yet to experience any discoloration with Our Place, but other customers have. In short, if you’re worried about maintaining your cookware’s appearance with either brand, opt for a darker color and always cook on low heat.


Winner: Our Place

Caraway’s individual cookware pieces range from $90 to $145, while Our Place’s individual cookware starts at $115 and goes as high as $165. Technically, that makes Our Place more expensive — but keep in mind that Our Place orders also come with extras, including a hybrid spoon-spatula, a strainer or a roasting rack, a self-braising lid, and plenty of built-in features. Individual Caraway pieces come with a lid in most cases.

The brands’ bundle options make it easier to compare prices. While Caraway’s Cookware set includes two pots, two pans, three lids, and cookware storage, it’ll cost you upwards of $400 (or $600, in some colors). When you consider that the Home Cook Duo costs $250, takes the place of 16 different cookware pieces, and allows you to mix and match colors without any up-charges, it’s easy to see why Our Place is the better value.


Winner: Our Place

As previously discussed, both brands are careful about their materials. Both brands claim to avoid toxic chemicals in their products, but Caraway is more transparent with third-party test results to confirm it. While Our Place emphasizes sustainability with its 100% recycled aluminum, Caraway also makes efforts in this direction. 

Our Place is widely considered one of the most ethical and sustainable brands around. This women-founded company hand-picked its manufacturing partners, from ethical factories to artisan workshops to third-generation businesses. Everything also ships in biodegradable and recyclable corrugate, with no bubble wrap, tape, or plastics whatsoever.


Winner: Our Place

If you’re short on space, both brands try to make storage as easy as possible. The Caraway cookware set includes hanging lid storage and a horizontal rack with space for all four pieces. However, as someone with a pretty small kitchen, Our Place makes it even easier with versatility alone. Since the brand’s two best-selling products do 16 different things, you can theoretically cook almost anything with just one pot and one pan — a brilliant space-saving solution.

Color Options

Winner: Caraway Cookware

Currently, both Caraway’s and Our Place’s top-selling cookware are available in nine colors. However, in my experience, Our Place is often sold out of certain colors and not all pieces can be purchased in all shades, while Caraway allows you a little more personalization by offering two color options for the handles: silver and gold. For that reason, Caraway wins the color options category.

Customer Service

Winner: It’s a tie

I’ve contacted both brands for various reasons. The customer service teams at both Caraway and Our Place were quick to answer, knowledgeable, and extremely accommodating. 


Ultimately, the winner is up to you. Our Place came out on top in our calculations, winning four different categories while Caraway only won three. (Three categories were a tie.) Still, while Our Place may shine in terms of functionality and value, Caraway is worth the splurge if you love outfitting your kitchen with gorgeous, drool-worthy essentials.  


Caraway’s traditional design and durable build suit those who prefer dedicated pans for specific tasks, while Our Place is ideal for those who want a multipurpose solution and can maintain the nonstick coating well

Our Place: The Best Ceramic Cookware Brand For Functionality & Minimalism

If you’re a minimalist looking for two cookware pieces that can basically do it all, opt for Our Place’s Always Pan and Perfect Pot. This cult-favorite duo comes in a wide selection of colors that you can mix or match. Together, they take the place of 16 different pieces of cookware. You’ll be able to boil, braise, saute, steam, bake, strain, pour, serve, and so much more, all with toxin-free ceramic, even-heating aluminum, and non-stick convenience. 

One reviewer said: “It’s truly worth the hype. We gave them as Christmas gifts this year because we like ours so much. With lots of use, the pan still looks perfect. It’s easy to clean, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and using it is a breeze. We are already shopping for more accessories for it. The compatibility across the whole brand is unmatched.” 

Includes: Perfect Pot, Always Pan, two self-braising lids, nesting beechwood spatula, nesting beechwood spoon, steamer, roasting rack. Available colors: Firecracker, Blue Salt, Char, Sage, Steam, Spice, Lavender, Lush Berry Pink, Vibrant Electric Blue

Home Cook Duo
Our Place


Caraway: Non-Toxic Cookware For A Stunning Kitchen

Caraway creates high-quality ceramic cookware that doubles as a statement piece. Glossy, bright colors and steel hardware give your kitchen an elevated look. With pots and pans in all different sizes, all of which are oven-safe up to 550 degrees, you can save on a bundled set or build a cookware selection that’s personalized to you. 

One reviewer said: “I purchased the navy with the gold handles and they are gorgeous! They function so well, they are completely non-stick! Making a sunny side up egg is so easy, the eggs just float on the surface and slide right off.” 

Includes: Fry Pan, Sauce Pan, Saute Pan, Dutch Oven, three lids, lid storage, cookware storage. Available colors: Gray, Cream, Navy, Sage, Perracotta, Marigold, Black, White, Rose Quartz 

Cookware Set
Caraway Cookware

$395 - $595
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