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Brumate vs Yeti: Which Is The Best Insulated Tumbler?

By Pradershika Sharma
📅 July 10, 2024

A well-insulated tumbler is a must-have for anyone who loves to drink hot or cold beverages. It saves money that you’d otherwise spend on bottled water or fresh coffee, and it’s also environmentally friendly as it reduces the number of plastic cups or bottles that end up in landfills. When considering a reusable insulated tumbler, it’s inevitable to compare Brumate vs Yeti.

Both brands offer a range of double-wall insulated tumblers that come in various colors, sizes, and features — including a sweat-free design that prevents condensation from forming outside the cup, thereby keeping your hands and tables dry. They also provide lids for their tumblers to reduce spills and ensure the beverage retains temperature for longer. Ultimately, both brands share many similarities and a few differences. To make the right choice for yourself, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and prioritize the features that matter most to you.

Brumate Overview

Brumate started in 2016 and quickly became known for its stylish and functional drinkware. The Brumate Imperial Pint insulated tumbler is designed to be the ultimate multi-tool for your favorite beverages, serving as a cocktail glass, pint glass, or travel tumbler in one sleek and stylish package. Its double-wall, insulated design not only protects your drink but also keeps it cold for up to 24 hours and piping hot for up to 4 hours. It is BPA- and toxin-free, making it a safe and healthy choice for you.

brumate imperial pint tumbler

This cup features a BevLock leakproof lid and a magnetic opening mechanism, which ensures that your drink stays in place and prevents any accidental spills or leaks. Additionally, it is equipped with a non-slip silicone base, which provides excellent grip and stability. Another great feature of this tumbler is that it’s cup holder friendly, making it easy to bring along wherever you go. Plus, with multiple trendy color options available, you can choose the one that best fits your style and personality. And with a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that this tumbler is built to last.

Yeti Overview

Yeti, founded in 2006, has long been a favorite in the outdoor industry for its durable products. The Rambler Tumbler with MagSlider Lid from Yeti is made of tough 18/8 stainless steel and features double-wall vacuum insulation. However, even though the MagSlider lid helps to keep drinks contained and maintain their temperature, it is not designed to prevent spills and is not leakproof.

yeti rambler tumbler

This tumbler has a cup-holder-friendly design and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe; just remember to place the lid on the top rack and the gasket and magnetic slider in the utensils basket. Additionally, it features a no-sweat design that prevents condensation on the tumbler’s exterior and keeps your hands from getting wet. These tumblers come in different sizes and colors, and they feature a Duracoat coating that resists cracking, peeling, and fading. Plus, if you make a purchase, you can also receive free customization.

One reviewer said: “This is my favorite. Just the right size and is spill-proof. I dropped it got into the car, watched it spin around a few times before bouncing off the console and seat onto the floorboards, and not a drop spilled. Shape is perfect fit for my hand and slips right into the cup holder.” 

Brumate vs. Yeti

Let’s compare Brumate vs Yeti.


Both Brumate and Yeti tumblers feature BPA-free materials. The tumblers from both brands feature stainless steel construction, which enhances their durability. Furthermore, while both brands have tumbler lids with magnetic opening mechanisms, it’s worth noting that Yeti’s MagSlider lid may experience leaks whereas Brumate’s lid is designed to be leakproof. 

Winner: Brumate


Both Brumate and Yeti tumblers have double-walled vacuum insulation to keep drinks hot or cold. However, Brumate’s BevGuard technology delivers the additional benefit of preventing flavor transfer, which ensures an unaltered taste. In this category, Brumate takes the win.

Winner: Brumate


Yeti offers more size options for its insulated tumbler, including 10 oz, 20 oz, and 30 oz. Brumate offers its insulated tumbler in a single size, 20 oz. Yeti is the winner in this category for offering more size choices.

Winner: Yeti


While Yeti is generally known for its higher price points reflecting its brand status and quality, Brumate often offers competitive pricing with frequent sales, making it an attractive alternative for budget-conscious consumers. The Yeti Rambler Tumbler starts at around $38, while the Brumate starts at just under $30.

Winner: Brumate

Color Options

 Brumate offers more vibrant and trendy color options (including solid colors, metallic finishes, and glitter coatings) but they are more limited in selection. Yeti offers 33 colors to choose from, including classic stainless steel, black, white, and various shades of blue, pink, and green. Plus, Yeti’s DuraCoat colors won’t chip or crack. Yeti wins this category for offering more choices.

Winner: Yeti

Cup Holder Compatibility

 Imperial Pints from Brumate and Yeti Rambler Tumblers both fit well in standard cup holders, making them convenient to take on the go. And this category is tied.

Winner: It’s a tie.


Yeti offers customization to the front and back of the Rambler Tumbler and includes options such as text, monograms, galleries, or graphics uploaded by the user. Brumate does not offer any personalization feature.

Winner: Yeti 

Wash & Care

Yeti’s Rambler Tumbler can be cleaned in a dishwasher; the lid should be placed on the top rack, and the gasket and magnetic slider should be put in the utensils basket. On the other hand, the Brumate Imperial Pints must be washed by hand. So, in terms of convenience, Yeti wins this category.

Winner: Yeti 


Both brands are committed to sustainability. Brumate uses recyclable packaging materials, and Yeti provides support through sponsorships and donations to enable outdoor space leaders, community groups, and consumers to contribute to the conservation and restoration of natural habitats worldwide. Additionally, both brands’ product ranges are designed to be reusable, which helps to minimize single-use waste.

Winner: It’s a tie.


Overall Winner: Yeti 

Yeti won four categories, and Brumate won three, making them both great options for insulated tumblers that keep your drinks cold or hot for hours. Two categories resulted in a tie. Although Yeti came out slightly ahead, both brands are exceptional. Brumate may be better for those seeking budget-friendly yet high-quality cup options, whereas Yeti consumers may be looking for proven durability and performance.

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