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The Best La Jolie Muse Candles On Amazon

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect scented candle that not only adds ambiance and warmth to your home but also promotes sustainability, look no further than La Jolie Muse. Known for its luxurious and eco-friendly candles that are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and biodegradable, La Jolie Muse offers a wide range of fragrances, from fresh and floral scents to warm and cozy ones to suit any mood or occasion. These candles are known for their high-quality soy wax, which burns cleanly and evenly while emitting fewer toxins into the air. And the best part? You can find them all on Amazon, making it easier than ever to add a touch of sophistication to your living space while supporting eco-friendly practices.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best La Jolie Muse Candles

Scent: One of the most important things to keep in mind while shopping for candles is the scent. It’s also important to consider the strength of the scent (also called “the throw”), as some candles may be too overpowering for your taste.

Burn Time: The burn time of a candle is another important consideration. Burn time refers to the amount of time that a candle will burn before it no longer lights, and oftentimes, the larger the candle, the longer the burn time. 

Size: Candles come in a variety of different sizes, and the size and the burn time of a candle are directly proportional. Rather than using dimensions, candle sizes are often measured in ounces of wax. The more ounces of wax a candle contains, the longer it’ll burn — but the more expensive it typically is. 

Type of Wax: The type of wax used in the candle can affect the quality of the candle. Soy wax, beeswax, and coconut wax are natural waxes that burn cleaner and longer than paraffin wax, which is a petroleum-based wax commonly used in more affordable candles. 

Wick Type: The type of wick used in the candle can also affect its performance. Cotton wicks are common and work well for most candles. However, some candles may use a wooden wick, which can provide a crackling sound and a unique visual appeal. 

Shop The Best La Jolie Muse Candles

If you’re in a rush, here are our top picks for La Jolie Muse:

  1. The Overall Best La Jolie Muse Candle: La Jolie Muse Jasmine Scented Candle With A Gift Box
  2. The Best Pack Of Two: La Jolie Muse Blue Lotus and Vanilla Coconut Scented Candles Set
  3. The Longest Burn Time: La Jolie Muse Lavender Scented Candle
  4. The Best Rustic Candle : La Jolie Muse Woody Jasmine Scented Candle
  5. The Best Amber Candle: La Jolie Muse Amber Scented Candle
  6. The Most Chic: La Jolie Muse Sandalwood Rose Scented Candle
  7. The Best Holiday La Jolie Muse Candle: La Jolie Muse Pine Birchwood Scented Candle

1. The Overall Best La Jolie Muse Candle

With a 4.5-star rating from over 6,000 people, not only is this La Jolie muse candle a treat for your senses and perfect for unwinding after a long day. That said, it also comes beautifully packaged in a signature box with gold stamp detailing and ribbons, making it an impeccable gift. The luxury candle is made from high-quality white-tinted heavy glass that adds a touch of elegant flair to your home. This stress-relief candle also features jasmine essential oils with a lead-free cotton wick and pure soy wax that has up to 70 hours of burn time. 

One reviewer said: “This candle is deluxe worth the price and makes an amazing gift every time. The packaging is great, [the] smell lasts a long time and [is] very fresh. I reordered plumeria twice already after receiving it as a Christmas gift and have [given] it away as a birthday present. It’s 10/10 recommended from me.”

Type of Wax: Soy. Wick Type: Lead-free cotton wicks. Number of Scents Available: 7. Size: 3.9 by 4.4 inches. Burn Time: 75 hours.

2. The Best Pack Of Two La Jolie Muse Candles

Unwinding after a long day has never been easier with the La Jolie Muse pack of 2 Vanilla Coconut & Lotus Clean candles. These candles are the perfect duo for meditation and stress relief with 35 to 45 hours of burn time. The combination of coconut, lemon, and lily of the valley provides a refreshing and calming scent that lingers long after the candles have been extinguished. Made with natural soy wax, these candles burn cleaner and longer without harmful black smoke, making them safe for both humans and the environment. Additionally, each candle comes in its own stylish gift box, making them great presents either separately or as a beautiful gift set.

One reviewer said:The pretty decorative tin is an added bonus ~BUT the candle smells so good filling the room beyond any other candle brand (equal to Courtney’s Candles in my home town). Loved it so much [that] I ordered more and will only buy these from now on. The wick curls some but it burns evenly.”

Type of Wax: Soy. Wick Type: Lead-free cotton wicks. Number of Scents Available: 11. Size: 3.62 x 2.83 inches. Burn Time: 45 hours.

3. The Longest Burn Time

This La Jolie Muse aromatherapy candle features a rich lavender note, widely known for its ability to relieve stress and promote restful sleep. The luxury glass jar is beautifully embellished with delicate daisy patterns, making it a statement piece for any home décor. This candle offers over 90 hours of pure relaxation with its natural soy wax that is environment-friendly. What’s more, this candle is equipped with a natural, non-toxic wood wick, which produces a soft, nostalgic, crackling sound when burning.

One reviewer said: “This is my favorite candle. I use it in a large great room with many windows, skylights, and a high ceiling, and still the aroma of this candle is present in my entire downstairs area. The scent also is a complement to my wood-burning fireplace. The candle was packaged carefully, and as a gift, which would also make it a great gift. I just love it and will order again!”

Type of Wax: Soy. Wick Type: Wooden. Number of Scents Available: 6. Size: 4.2 by 5.7 inches. Burn Time: 90 hours.

4. The Best Rustic Candle

Bring the essence of a flower market into your home with the La Jolie Muse woody jasmine-scented candle. This luxury candle is a true work of art, designed in a fluted glass jar with delicate packaging that makes it a perfect decorative piece for any home. The aromatherapy candle is a floral composition with notes of jasmine, violet, gardenia, and woody, musky base notes. What’s more, when the natural soy wax, lead-free cotton wick, and premium essence have all burned out, the reusable glass jar can be repurposed into a stunning flower vase, storage jar, or brush holder. With a burn time of 70 to 80 hours, this soy candle promises a clean and even burn, making it a brilliant gift for any occasion.

One reviewer said: Smells so great. It’s not overpowering, but great throw throughout a large room. A bit floral, a bit fruity too, and a touch earthy, but overall a very clean pleasant scent. This brand delivers a winner again.”

Type of Wax: Soy. Wick Type: Lead-free cotton wicks. Number of Scents Available: 4. Size: 3.5 by 5.6 inches. Burn Time: 80 hours.

5. The Best Amber Candle

The lead-free cotton wick and 100% natural wax allow for up to 65 to 75 hours of burn time, giving you ample time to bask in the coziness and warmth from this La Jolie Muse amber candle. Notes of bergamot, cardamom, nutmeg, neroli, jasmine, cedarwood, vanilla, and balsam blend together to offer a unique and pleasing fragrance envelope that brings peace to your space. Not only does this candle offer a blissful indulgence, but it also comes presented in a sleek amber-tinted glass, paired with a detachable lid, and packaged in a florally adorned gift box, perfect for adding a dash of elegance to any room. (While the amber jar is especially popular, it also comes in six other colors and scents.)

One reviewer said: “I have a bionic nose & most perfumey things really bug me, so this is a true testament to its wonder! It’s soothing, it’s calming and makes me very happy [especially] when lying there awake in the middle of the night with insomnia, I note the soothing scents in the room, and it makes me smile.”

Type of Wax: Soy. Wick Type: Lead-free cotton wicks. Number of Scents Available: 10. Size: 3.58 by 5.12 inches. Burn Time: 70 hours.

6. The Most Chic La Jolie Muse Candle

Indulge in the soothing scent of warm, sultry sandalwood and freshly picked rose with this La Jolie Muse candle. The subtly spicy yet floral fragrance is perfect for moments of relaxation, aromatherapy, and meditation. But this candle is not just about the scent; it’s the perfect addition to your space with its handcrafted aesthetic featuring embossed blooming dahlias and daisies. The luxury candle sits in a beautiful floral patterned jar, making it an elegant home decor piece. And when it comes to quality, this scented candle doesn’t disappoint. Made with lead-free cotton wicks, highly-refined perfume-grade fragrance oils, and pure soy wax, it provides a clean burn for up to 65 to 70 hours.

One reviewer said:So first off OMG!!! I opened the package the candle box came in, it was by itself, and I get a whiff of the smell. I got the sandalwood and patchouli. The smell is AMAZING! So I originally was thinking of giving this to my mom for Christmas, but now I think I got a new candle. (I’ll order her another lol.) The box it came with is nice [and] simple, and the candle holder itself is simple and will go with any decor. It has a wood wick, which I love. I currently [have] sitting next to me on my desk, not lit and I can smell it. This is a great [gift] for anyone, including yourself.”

Type of Wax: Soy. Wick Type: Lead-free cotton wicks. Number of Scents Available: 5. Size: 3 by 4 inches. Burn Time: 70 hours.

7. The Best Holiday La Jolie Muse Candle

Immerse yourself in the tranquil essence of winter with the Pine Birchwood candle from La Jolie Muse. This exquisite candle features a delightful combination of fruity bergamot and mandarin, refreshing birchwood and pine balsam, and floral jasmine and rose. And with up to 60 to 80 hours of clean and even burn time, you can savor these blissful aromas for days on end easing your mood and anxiety. Additionally, the geometric shape and glossy ceramic jar of this candle make it a stunning statement piece for your home decor, and an ideal gift for the holidays. 

One reviewer said:Every time I [light] this candle I go on a journey the smell sets the mood in an incredible way I’m not gonna stop re-ordering this candle it’s one of my absolute favorites definitely An amazing gift for the holidays or birthday”

Type of Wax: Soy. Wick Type: Lead-free cotton wicks. Number of Scents Available: 3. Size: 3.2 by 4 inches. Burn Time: 80 hours.

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