The 6 Best Insulated Wine Tumblers

By Naima Karp
📅 February 22, 2024

There’s nothing worse than a warm mouthful of wine that’s supposed to be crisp and refreshing. Unfortunately, this is a frequent reality for anyone who attends outdoor events, goes camping, or lives in a hot climate. The solution? The best insulated wine tumblers that protect drinks from the elements. Reliable brands like Yeti have designed the ultimate on-the-go tumblers, which are designed for wine but can be used to keep any drink hot or cold. Before shopping for your tumbler, there are a few things to consider.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Insulated Wine Tumblers

Material: There are all kinds of insulated wine tumblers. While double-walled plastic can be effective and durable, materials like stainless steel are virtually shatterproof and can be more cooling and better insulating than plastic. If you opt for plastic, make sure it’s BPA-free.

Design: Some tumblers use a double-walled design to maximize insulating capabilities, and others have additional slider lids that keep air out. Certain models even contain a freezable gel in the walls that keeps drinks colder for longer. 

Price: The range for insulated tumblers is generally between $8 to $30. Plastic tumblers will cost less than steel and glass, while a set of multiple wine tumblers will cost a little more. Consider paying for a dishwasher-safe option if you want maximum convenience. 

Capacity: The average tumbler will hold about 10 ounces of wine, while others will hold 12 ounces. I’ve included options up to 14 ounces because who wants to skimp when it’s wine time?

Shop The Best Insulated Wine Tumblers

If you’re in a rush, here are our top picks for the best insulated wine tumblers. 

  1. The Best Overall Insulated Wine Tumbler: Yeti Rambler Wine Tumbler
  2. The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Insulated Wine Tumbler: Simple Modern Wine Tumbler
  3. The Best Freezable Insulated Wine Tumbler: Host Wine Freeze Cups, Set of 2
  4. The Best Budget Insulated Wine Tumbler: Sunwill Insulated Wine Tumbler
  5. The Best Multi-Pack of Insulated Wine Tumblers: Zonegrace Insulated Wine Tumblers, Four-Pack
  6. Best Large Capacity-Insulated Wine Tumbler: BrüMate Uncork’d XL Insulated Wine Tumbler

Yeti Rambler Wine Tumbler


While it costs a little more than your budget insulated wine tumbler, Yeti is the industry standard for safely housing your drinks outdoors. The dishwasher-safe Yeti Rambler insulated wine tumbler is made from stainless steel and vacuum insulated. It comes in various colors and holds 10 ounces of wine. The Duracoat coating stops the colored exterior from peeling or fading and the YETI Rambler is the only tumbler here with a magnetic sliding lid that keeps your favorite drink on lock and stops heat or cold from escaping.

One reviewer said: “Magnet sliders! How do they work? Very well! As does the insulation.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.49 inches. Color: Rescue Red, Alpine Yellow, Bimini Pink, Canopy Green, Charcoal, Harvest Red, High Desert Clay, Navy, Nordic Purple, Nordic Blue, Offshore Blue, Prickly Pink, Reef Blue, Sandstone Pink, Seafoam, White. Capacity: 10 fluid ounces. Product Care: Dishwasher-safe.

The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Insulated Wine Tumbler

Simple Modern Wine Tumbler


Simultaneously one of the most affordable and chic insulated wine tumbler options out there, Simple Modern’s stemless wine tumblers hold up to 12 ounces of wine or any other spirit. It comes with a press-in lid to keep out bugs, debris, and hot air. It’s available in unique styles for men and women, like wood grain, a marbled aesthetic, and a galaxy look. Although they’re sold individually, you can also buy a bundle with two personal tumblers and a wine bottle tumbler. 

One reviewer said: “Love this cup & the colors it comes in, too! Keeps beverages super cold, just be sure your lid is on properly.”

Dimensions: 3.45 x 3.45 x 4.96 inches. Colors: Ocean Quartz, Black Leopard, Carrara Marble, Nebula, Ocean Geode, Opal Tide, Wood Grain, Lavender Mist, Midnight Black, Moonlight, Prism, Sea Glass Sage, Winter White, Ombre Sorbet, Shimmer Aqua Aura. Capacity : 12 fluid ounces. Material: Plastic.

The Best Freezable Insulated Wine Tumbler

Host Wine Freeze Cups, Set of 2


The freezing gel in the double-walled design sets Host’s insulated wine tumbler apart. Simply store them in the freezer; when you’re ready to use them, they’ll maintain the drink’s temperature much better than a regular wine glass. The BPA-free plastic construction is sturdy enough to withstand falls, while the insulated silicone band makes this tumbler more ergonomic. Don’t believe us? Read over 11,000 reviews to confirm. Note that lids are sold separately for just under $9.

One reviewer said: “These freezer drinking cups are great. Pop them into the freezer and when you go to pool, take them for your cold drinks. Best part is no worry about broken glass.”

Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 4.75 inches. Colors: Mint, Blue, Coral, Grey, Marble. Capacity: 8.5 Ounces. Material: Plastic.

The Best Budget Insulated Wine Tumbler

Sunwill Insulated Wine Tumbler


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better tumbler for a more affordable price than this Sunwill insulated tumbler that’s suitable for wine, champagne, cocktails, and more. Made from 304-grade stainless steel, this unbreakable vessel costs just $9 and includes a lid. From the elegant color choices and eco-friendly lid to the drink hole on the top that allows for easier sipping, this 12-ounce vacuum tumbler also makes a thoughtful gift. 

One reviewer said: “This cup does what it supposed to do! Keeps my drinks cold and was easy to customize.”

Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.3 inches. Colors: Black, Rose Gold, Glass Blue, Lavender, Magenta, Navy Blue, Pearl Blue, Silver, Teal, White, Red. Capacity: 12 ounces. Material: Stainless Steel.

The Best Multi-Pack of Insulated Wine Tumblers

Zonegrace Insulated Wine Tumblers, Four-Pack


In the market for more than one wine glass tumbler? Opt for this four-pack of Zonegrace double-wall insulated wine tumblers. They’re lightweight, made from stainless steel, and come with a BPA-free plastic lid complete with a straw hole. Although they must be hand-washed, the tumblers come out to just over $7 each, making this set a steal if you’re stocking up for the entire household. 

One reviewer said: “I have used these for cocktails, smoothies and seltzer by the pool. I love the top and the stainless steel straws that came with their own cleaning brushes. I left them on the counter overnight and the next day they still had ice in them. They keep drinks cold.”

Dimensions: 7.91 x 7.52 x 5.51 inches. Color: Mixed Colors. Capacity: 12 fluid ounces. Materials: Stainless Steel.

The Best Large-Capacity Insulated Wine Tumbler

BrüMate Uncork'd XL Insulated Wine Tumbler


The BrüMate wine tumbler is a close runner-up to Yeti when it comes to outdoor beverage holders, and at 14 ounces, it’s the largest capacity insulated wine tumbler in our shopping guide. Available in a range of dazzling finishes and colors, the lidded  BrüMate Uncork’d XL can hold up to half a bottle of wine, making it the largest triple-insulated tumbler on the market. Finished off with a rust-resistant powder coating,  there’s nothing fragile about this portable wine glass, which can even be tossed in the dishwasher after use. 

One reviewer said: “This is my new favorite mug!! No leaks, no issues, keeps drinks hot. I’ve gone through a TON of mugs for home and travel, but this is it!!”

Dimensions: 11.13 x 11.13 x 4.75 inches. Color: Glitter White, Matte Black, Navy Blue, Matte Clay, Aqua, Blush, Glitter Blush, Charcoal, Glitter Charcoal, Daisy, Dark Aura, Denim, Glitter Aqua, Glitter Merlot, Glitter Mermaid, Glitter Peacock, Glitter Pink, Glitter Rose Gold, Glitter Violet, Marble. Capacity: 14 fluid ounces. Materials: Stainless Steel.

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