The 5 Best Clear Umbrellas

By Naima Karp
📅 February 22, 2024

While we all look forward to warm and sunny weather, rainy days are inevitable. On days like this, an umbrella is necessary to help you stay dry — but using one has some unpleasant side effects, like bumping into others and being unable to see your surroundings. The best clear umbrellas solve that conundrum, maximizing safety and visibility. They also make rainy walks a lot more cinematic and have a more sophisticated look than their opaque counterparts. 

These transparent accessories are also a popular choice for weddings and other events where you might be photographed. However, with their plastic exteriors, some worry that a see-through umbrella might be flimsy for outdoor adventures. That’s why I did a deep dive and rounded up the most reliable clear umbrellas on Amazon. Before you add anything to your cart, however, take a look at all the factors to consider before buying a clear umbrella. 

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Clear Umbrellas

Design: Although you can get your hands on a completely transparent umbrella, there are also models sold in different see-through colors and umbrellas with prints that still provide visibility. These make a great gift and can help you differentiate between umbrellas if you’re buying for other household members.

Dimensions: None of these options are as compact as a retractable travel umbrella, but some are on the bigger side. While a larger canopy offers more coverage, it may be bulkier to carry around. If buying for a child, a smaller version designed for kids might be necessary.

Material: The canopy is almost always made of PVC or some other type of plastic, so the frame and handle are where you’ll want to pay attention to durability. Sturdy yet lightweight materials include fiberglass, aluminum, and alloy steel. While stainless steel has superb longevity, it’s also significantly heavier. Solid reinforced ribs mean your umbrella will be more windproof and less likely to flip inside out. 

Opening style: Some umbrellas open manually, while others open automatically at the push of a button. Manual umbrellas tend to weigh less, whereas automatic versions are more convenient in case of a downpour. 

Shop The Best Transparent Umbrellas

If you’re in a rush, here are our top picks for see-through umbrellas. 

  1. The Overall Best Clear Umbrella: Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella
  2. The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Clear Umbrella: Kung Fu Smith Clear Umbrella
  3. The Best Kids Clear Umbrella: Totes Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella
  4. The Best Auto Open Clear Umbrella: Siepasa Clear Umbrella 
  5. The Most Lightweight Clear Umbrella: Home X Auto Open Umbrella

1. The Overall Best Clear Umbrella

Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella


Available in seven colors and prints, the Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella is one of the best clear umbrellas that Amazon offers, based on over 8,000 reviews. Made from sturdy materials like PVC and lightweight aluminum, it’s sold by one of the most impressive umbrella brands on the market and has a spacious 52-inch canopy to keep you dry. For those worried about flimsiness, most buyers agree that it surpassed their expectations in windy conditions.

One reviewer said: “I have purchased several umbrellas online and they always seem to be flimsy pieces of garbage. This one is actually good. Definitely recommend it.”

Available Colors: Clear, Birds on a Wire, Sunset Pink, Rainbow, Iridescent, Multicolor Dots, Regular Dots. Dimensions: 37 x 1.75 x 1.5 inches. Weight: 1.15 pounds.

2. The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Clear Umbrella

Kung Fu Smith Clear Umbrella


With a spacious canopy and glowing reviews on Amazon, this is one of the prettiest clear umbrellas you’ll find thanks to elegant design details, including a white leather hook handle that prevents slippage and a contrasting black edge. Additionally, the ribs and central pole are more substantial than alternatives from competitors. Its fiberglass and stainless steel components won’t corrode over time, offering an appealing blend of wind-resistant durability and a pleasing aesthetic. The closure isn’t automatic, which makes this option even more portable and lightweight.

One reviewer said: “Love this umbrella. It is stylish and sturdy. Makes me look forward to a rainy day!”

Available Colors: Clear, Clear/Black Rim. Dimensions: 37 x 5 x 1 inches. Weight: 2 pounds

3. The Best Kids Clear Umbrella

Totes Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella

Kung Fu Smith Clear Umbrella


When shopping for clear umbrellas for kids, you’ll want to ensure that it’s the proper size for their tiny hands and comes with an easy grip handle and child-safe spoke protectors, like this Totes Kids Clear Bubble Umbrella. Available in over a dozen playful colors and prints for all personalities, your child can pick out their favorite. Its bright color also doubles as a safety precaution for kids crossing the street or walking home alone.  

One reviewer said: “I purchased this for one of my students at school. It actually covered both of us well while we were waiting in the rain for the school bus. It’s really cute and does the job well. Actually, other students and faculty complimented on its cuteness. I recommend.

Available Colors: Clear, Blue, Pink, Rainbow, Transparent Iridescent, Amazon Dots, Beautiful Ocean Princess, Cosmic Adventure, Doggie Hearts, Holographic Star, Pink Unicorn, Shark. Dimensions: 25.5 x 3 x 1.75 inches. Weight: 0.7 pounds

4. The Best Auto Open Clear Umbrella

Siepasa Clear Umbrella


Complete with an auto-open button, this Siepasa Clear Umbrella is perfect for anyone who wants to open their umbrella up with zero hassle. Reinforced alloy steel ribs ensure that the umbrella won’t flip inside out, and the auto-open button ensures you never pinch your fingers and you can act quickly in an unexpected downpour. While there are options with prints, it’s worth noting that they may reduce visibility compared to the fully see-through version.

One reviewer said: “This umbrella is sturdier than any other one I’ve ever used. It being plastic probably has a lot to do with it but the rods are also great quality and the dome shape is so lovely.”

Available Colors: Clear, Black Rim, Gray Rim, White Rim, White Lace, Zebra, Green Butterfly, Yellow Chrysanthemum. Dimensions: 32.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches. Weight: .81 pounds.

5. The Most Lightweight Clear Umbrella

Home X Auto Open Umbrella


Despite being a no-frills option, this is the most lightweight transparent umbrella that I could find. It also makes a solid starter pick for those who are on the fence about buying a clear umbrella. The weight is closer to a clear children’s umbrella, and the white handle provides a minimalist look. Whether for urban and off-road adventures or a more formal event, this umbrella is a surprisingly budget-friendly choice that can survive a storm but isn’t too heavy to lug around.

One reviewer said: “When I first received it, I went outside in a rainstorm with some pretty heavy wind and it held up just fine. I wouldn’t use it for sustained periods in really bad weather, but for a short time it works well. We used them on vacation and took good pictures, the umbrellas didn’t distract from the pictures at all.”

Available Colors: Clear. Dimensions: 31.6 x 4 x 1 inches. Weight: 0.6 Pounds:

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