Bed Threads Review: Are These Bedding Bundles Worth It?

By Pradershika Sharma
📅 February 22, 2024

When it comes to creating a comfortable and restful bedroom, the right bedding can make all the difference. And it’s not just about style and color; it’s about quality and material too. That’s why so many people are turning to Bed Threads, a brand that has gained popularity for its high-quality organic linen bedding bundles. To help you determine whether it lives up to its hype, here is a Bed Threads review.

Bed Threads’ bedding range is made from 100% flax linen and comes in a selection of beautiful shades, including classic whites, subtle pastels, and deep blues. Not only does this fabric feel luxurious to touch, it’s also incredibly breathable and thermal regulating — great for those hot summer nights or chilly winter mornings. So, are these bedding bundles worth it? Read the below highlights and FAQs to find out.

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Bed Threads Turmeric & Terracotta Bedding Bundle, Queen
Bed Threads


Why Choose Flax Linen Bedding?

While linen is often thought of as a summer sheet, investing in high-quality flax linen sheets is a wise decision for year-round comfort. Thanks to its high air permeability and moisture-wicking properties, flax linen keeps you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter while helping regulate your body temperature. This fabric is also ultra-durable, stain-resistant, and absorbent, ensuring your sheets stay fresh and dry for longer periods. But the best part of this fabric is that it becomes even softer with each wash, guaranteeing you the softest sleep for years to come without needing to replace your sheets with the seasons. Furthermore, flax linen is a sustainable option as the cultivation of flax plants has a low environmental impact and can improve soil health.

Why Choose Bed Threads' Flax Linen Bedding Bundles?

Bed Threads’ flax linen bedding are top-notch and created using 100% pure flax linen sourced from France. Made of durable, breathable, and soft linen fabric, Bed Threads’ bedding is OEKO-TEX 100 certified, meaning it has been tested for any harmful chemicals. Also, the brand uses a unique garment dyeing technique that makes it feel comfortable and well-worn. This suggests that the bedding will only get softer and cozier with each wash.

The brand offers a wide range of muted and neutral colors that are perfect for creating a relaxing and calming bedroom environment and their bedding bundles also include various pieces such as sheet sets, duvet covers, and pillowcases in multiple sizes that all match and complement each other. Furthermore, they operate as a direct-to-customer business, cutting out middlemen to offer more affordable prices compared to others in the industry. This translates to cost savings for you as the customer.

Committed to sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing processes, Bed Threads’ organic flax linen is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, and they minimize waste and reduce water usage during production. They are also carbon neutral and their packaging is free of plastic. The bedding bundles are packaged in a linen bag that can be reused, making it a sustainable choice. Ultimately, choosing flax linen bedding bundles from Bed Threads not only benefits you but also the planet.

Is It Durable? Is It Sustainable?

The short answer is yes. Linen is a natural fiber with incredible tensile strength and is much stronger and more durable than cotton or wool. Rather than deteriorating after a few washes like cheaper materials, linen gets better with age and requires minimal maintenance.

In terms of sustainability, Bed Threads’ linen bedding is made with 100% organic flax linen. Not only are they OEKO-TEX certified, meaning no harmful chemicals were used in the production process, but they also operate as a carbon-neutral business and are committed to ethical manufacturing practices. Furthermore, their packaging is free from plastic and made from linen which can be reused.

Bed Threads Mineral & Fog Bedding Bundle, Queen
Bed Threads


Will My Linen Bedding Help Regulate Temperature?

Linen bedding helps regulate temperature due to its unique natural properties. The material’s breathability allows for air circulation, which helps to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating. Furthermore, flax linen is naturally moisture-wicking, drawing sweat away from the skin, and keeping you cool and dry throughout the night. Contrary to popular belief, its insulating properties also make it perfect for cooler climates, as it traps body heat to keep you warm. Flax linen bedding is incredibly comfortable, sustainable, and long-lasting, making it a superb choice for a peaceful, temperature-regulated night’s sleep.

Why Does Linen Have No Thread Count?

Linen is a natural fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. Unlike cotton or other synthetic fabrics, linen doesn’t have a thread count. This is because the fibers of linen aren’t woven in a traditional way, but rather are spun and twisted together to form a continuous strand. Therefore, the quality of linen is determined by its weight and texture, rather than a thread count.

Linen fabric is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). Typically, a higher GSM value indicates that the fabric is heavier and more durable. The linen bedding from Bed Threads has a GSM of 170. This makes it light enough to be breathable during summer and heavy enough to provide insulation during winter. Furthermore, the bedding is sufficiently thick to withstand damage and usage.

How To Take Care Of My Linen Bedding

To ensure your linen is clean and ready for use, it’s advised to wash it first using a gentle, cold cycle and mild liquid detergent. It’s best to use soft water and avoid fabric softeners. It’s worth noting that with time, your linen may start to fade gradually, particularly if exposed to direct sunlight or washed in hot water. To preserve its vibrancy, always wash it in cold water and let it dry in the shade. To prevent damage, use a low setting and avoid overloading the machine when tumble-drying. To avoid making the linen feel brittle, you can take your bedding out of the dryer or off the line when it’s slightly damp instead of completely dry.

Bed Threads Olive Stripe & Sage Bedding Bundle, Full
Bed Threads


How Much Does It Cost?

Bed Threads offers flax linen bedding bundles in nine different sizes, ranging from single to super king. The price varies from $416 to $808 depending on the size you choose as well as the color of the bed linen.

What Are Reviewers Saying?

Reading customer reviews is a great way to assess the quality of a product. Bed Threads has received mostly positive reviews from customers who praise the bedding’s quality, softness of linen, and beautiful colors. A lot of customers have also noted how comfortable and cool the bedding feels, particularly during hot summer nights. One customer said, “This linen bedding from Bed Threads is my new favorite! It’s so cozy and keeps me warm while also keeping my husband cool.” One user commented, “My first experience using linen bedding and I’m obsessed! Very good quality, lovely color, comfy and cozy. What more could you want from your bedding.” Another user shared that they didn’t realize how much of a difference good quality sheet would make until they bought Bed Threads, and that it was definitely worth the investment.

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