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Do I even need to sell you on coffee? I mean, come on, it’s coffee, the antidote to our Monday morning blues, and a loyal pick-me-up friend during late nights at the office.

So, you’re thinking, what is this about (cue eye-roll)? What could be better than coffee (scoffs)?

How about a coffee subscription service that not only delivers premium artisan coffee (whole beans or freshly ground) to your doorstep but also curates them based on your specific preferences?

Well, my friends, such a service exists, and it’s called Bean Box.

What does that mean for you? It means that you’ll never have to worry about your coffee beans going stale or being of poor quality. It also means that you’ll have a chance to try new coffee blends every month. Exciting, isn’t it? 

If you’re a coffee lover (and I know you are), Bean Box is the perfect subscription service for you. Not only will you get to enjoy delicious coffee from some of the best roasters in the country, but you’ll also get to customize your own experience and get to learn about different beans, roasts, and brewing methods.

Whether you like your coffee light and fruity or dark and chocolatey, Bean Box has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start enjoying the best cup of coffee of your life!

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What is Bean Box?

Bean Box is a Seattle-based coffee subscription service that hand-curates and delivers freshly roasted coffee beans to your door every month. In addition to its subscription service, Bean Box also offers a variety of coffee samplers, single-origin coffees, espresso beans, and decaf coffees. Their goal is to make it easy for people to discover new coffees and to provide an amazing customer experience. Every month, Bean Box members receive a selection of coffees from different roasters, as well as tasting notes and brewing tips. This allows members to explore the many different flavors of coffee and find their perfect match.

But Bean Box is more than just a coffee subscription service – it’s also a community of coffee lovers who care about where their coffee comes from and how it’s roasted. Therefore, Bean Box sources its coffee beans exclusively from the country’s most celebrated small-time and independent coffee roasters; so by purchasing from Bean Box, you will also be helping and supporting small businesses and their relationships with exceptional coffee producers globally. To focus on quality, they also work closely with their roasters to ensure that each coffee meets their high standards.

Bean Box Coffee Selection

Bean Box offers a wide variety of coffees, including light roasts, medium roasts, and more. They also offer a coffee sampler pack that includes four different types of coffee, in case you’re still figuring out what type of coffee you like. Some of the categories of Bean Box Coffee  include:

  • Light Roast Coffee – This type of coffee is typically roasted for a shorter amount of time, resulting in a light-bodied coffee with brighter flavors. In this selection of Bean Box coffee, they’ve chosen beans from several countries and regions including Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, and more. These coffees have fruity, floral, and citrusy flavors and descriptors.
  • Single Origin Coffee –  This type of coffee is made with beans that come from a single country or region. This allows you to taste the unique flavors that are characteristic of that area. The coffees in this selection include beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, El Salvador, and more. Bean Box offers the largest selection of fresh, single-origin coffees curated from more than 35 artisan roasters.
  • Espresso Blends – This type of coffee is roasted longer and has a darker color. The flavors are also more intense, with chocolate, caramel, and nutty flavors being common. These coffees are ideal for making espresso, as the name suggests.
  • Decaf Coffee Beans – These coffee beans have had the caffeine removed, but they still retain all of the flavors. Bean Box decaf coffee beans are roasted in small batches and naturally decaffeinated for a flavorful cup. This type of coffee is perfect for those who want to enjoy the taste of coffee without caffeine.
  • Curated For You –  If you find yourself too confused by the vast coffee world or if you want to try something new and exciting, let Bean Box do the work for you. Their team of coffee experts will hand-select coffees that they think you’ll love and send them straight to your door, or you can allow their coffee expert to guide you on your quest for the perfect cup of coffee with her latest findings and thoughts from the tasting room.

Whether you’re a coffee novice or a seasoned pro, Bean Box has something for everyone. Check out their website today to learn more!

Bean Box Coffee Subscriptions & Gifts

Great coffee is about more than just beans. It’s about the care that goes into sourcing, roasting, and packaging the beans. It’s about the relationships built with the farmers who grow the coffee. And it’s about the experience of enjoying a perfect cup of coffee. That’s why Bean Box offers a variety of coffee subscriptions and gifting options.

  • Coffee Subscriptions – To get started with Bean Box, simply select the type of coffee you want and the brewing method you prefer. Then, choose how often (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) you want your coffee delivered and create an account. Once your account is created, you’ll be able to manage your subscription, update your preferences, and view your order history. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of their many exciting features, like exclusive discounts and giveaways. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and pick your perfect plan today!
  • Bean Box Coffee Gifts – Not sure what to get the coffee lover in your life? A Bean Box coffee subscription gift or coffee gift basket would be the perfect way to show them you care. Choose from a variety of options and add a personal message to make it even more special. Send a coffee gift today and let them know you like them a latte!

What’s Included in a Bean Box Coffee Subscription?

Each box includes a selection of 4 different varieties of freshly roasted coffees, selected by experts and tailored to your taste preferences. In addition, subscribers will receive tasting notes and brewing tips for each coffee, so you can experiment with different coffees and find your perfect cup. Plus, every box comes with a surprise gift! Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just looking for an easy way to get your daily fix, Bean Box coffee is the perfect way to explore new roasts, find your favorite flavors, and start your day.


Bean Box coffee prices are based on the quality of the beans, the roasting process, and the brewing method. Prices start at $17 per bag and go up to $28 per bag, depending on the bean variety and region. However, no matter what type of coffee you choose, they always offer fair prices and unbeatable quality.

Final Thoughts

For coffee lovers, there’s no better way to get your fix than with a Bean Box coffee subscription. Bean Box delivers fresh-roasted coffee beans from top craft roasters right to your door. With a wide variety of roasts and flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, with free shipping on all orders, you can save even more on your favorite morning beverage.

You should get a Bean Box Coffee Subscription if:

  • You are looking for an easy and convenient way to get your hands on some of the best coffee in the world.
  • You want coffee beans that are hand-roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and flavor.
  • You want to explore high-quality, artisan coffees without having to leave your home.
  • You are interested in signing up for a coffee subscription service that is affordable and flexible.
  • You are looking for the perfect way to ensure that you always have fresh, delicious coffee on hand.

Whether you’re a fan of light and airy roasts or rich and bold flavors, Bean Box has the perfect coffee for you. So why wait? Subscribe today for a Bean Box Coffee Subscription and start enjoying the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

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