Crafted with the highest quality materials and sophisticated designs, Bajio sunglasses offer unparalleled clarity thanks to their advanced LAPIS lens technology. They come in seven different tints – from blue mirror to violet mirror – each offering a different level of light transmission and protection depending on your activity and environment. Additionally, customers have praised the company’s customer service as well as its commitment to sustainable practices, which helps minimize its carbon footprint. But are these the best fishing sunglasses? Decide for yourself by reading this comprehensive Bajio sunglasses review.

In a rush? Get the fast facts: 

  • Lightweight, polarized fishing sunglasses that are expertly crafted for optimal performance
  • Recyclable, scratch-resistant glass lens and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens options
  • Exclusive LAPIS lens technology optimizes clarity, eliminates blur and haze, and minimizes glare
  • Eco-friendly, bioplastic frames derived from natural materials like castor and coconut husk
  • Available in 12 frame styles, two lens materials, high-low contrast, and seven mirror colors
  • Different temple widths, base curves, and comfortable rubber nose & temple pad
  • Costs $209-$259 for a pair — but they’re worth every penny
  • Can be fitted with prescription lenses, if needed

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Are Bajio Sunglasses Polarized?

All sunglasses from Bajio are 100% polarized, guaranteeing you the most efficient protection against glare and harmful UV rays. Polarized lenses improve your ability to perceive depth and bring out vivid contrasts for a clearer, more detailed vision. From sight fishing to simply enjoying a day out on the water, these sunglasses make it possible for you to see in comfort and clarity without any glare.

Where Are Bajio Sunglasses Made?

Crafted and designed with a commitment to quality and performance, Bajio Sunglasses are hand-crafted in New Smyrna Beach, Florida with materials sourced from around the globe. Their bioplastic frames come from Italy and their cactus leather sunglass cases come from a production facility located in Mexico – all conforming to the highest standards of safety and sustainability while still providing optimal functionality for fishermen of all levels.

Are They Available With Prescription (Rx) Lenses?

With their revolutionary LAPIS technology, Bajio prescription sunglasses block 95% of hazardous blue light to offer the clearest vision. Plus, they eliminate over 90% of harsh yellow light for improved color and 100% of dangerous UV light. Furthermore, Bajio Rx sunglasses are available in two types of custom-made lenses specifically designed for both dynamic activities like fishing and subtle moments when attention to detail is required.

  • Single Vision (SV) Lenses: Crafted specifically for long-distance vision correction, this lens ensures maximum edge-to-edge clarity, comfort and performance.
  • Progressive Additional Lenses (PAL): Designed to provide an expansive long-distance field of vision while fishing with a small area of reading view at the bottom to operate your GPS, these lenses help you to easily transition between far and near focal points.

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Glass or Polycarbonate Lens — Which Is Better?

When it comes to Bajio sunglasses, you have the choice between polycarbonate or glass lenses – both of which are optically corrected for a crystal clear view. Glass lenses offer maximum scratch-resistance and visual clarity on the water, while polycarbonate ones are exceptionally lightweight yet still deliver superior impact resistance. Polycarbonate lenses are fortified with a special protective coating, not only making them more resistant to scratches and wear-and-tear but also guaranteeing that they’ll last longer.  Ultimately, which one is better suited to you is based on personal preference and just how much defense you need when adventuring in aquatic environments.

What Colors Are The Lenses Available In?

Bajio sunglasses are available in seven mirror colors. The color that best suits you depends on the level of light transmission and protection you need, as well as what activity you are doing.

  • Blue Mirror: The darkest of all Bajio lenses; perfect for offshore fishing, this lens will protect your eyes and give you a clear view of the horizon even in intense sunlight.
  • Green Mirror: Tackle those sunny shorelines, reefs, and flats with Bajio’s second-darkest polarized lens; perfect for any bright light condition.
  • Silver Mirror: A medium-light and high-contrast lens; perfect for sunny days or low-light scenes, and also works great for Western rivers and lake settings with a copper base.
  • Rose Mirror: Also a medium-light and high-contrast lens, it is ideal for fishing regardless of the light conditions — whether the sun is shining brightly or visibility is low. And with a rose base, this works great for river and lake fishing too.
  • Gray Lens: A magnificent low-contrast lens; less flashy than its mirrored counterpart.
  • Copper Lens: With its excellent high-contrast capabilities, this lens is ideal for detecting underwater movement and fish.
  • Violet Mirror: The lightest of all Bajio lenses; low-light lens for those twilight hours when angling the flats, rivers, or lakes, and high contrast clarity in even the dimmest lighting conditions.

How Much Do They Cost And Why Are They So Expensive?

Bajio sunglasses will set you back $209 to $259 depending on the lens material. If prescription lenses are what you’re after, those run for a total of $525.

They are certainly an expensive investment — but according to reviewers, you’ll get what you pay for and more. The company puts great care and effort into creating a product with the highest quality materials, along with thoughtful sustainable practices to minimize its carbon footprint. Plus, their advanced LAPIS technology offers superior value for your money given their combination of stellar protection and clarity.

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Are These The Best Fishing Sunglasses?

According to happy customers, since they’re crafted with the highest quality materials and sophisticated designs, Bajio sunglasses are worth every penny. These frames not only offer superior protection and visibility but also look great and will last you a long time. Plus, their LAPIS lens technology provides unparalleled clarity for a truly unique fishing experience. So, if you’re looking for sunglasses that provide superior protection, comfort, and style while you’re out fishing, then these are the best fishing sunglasses.

What Are Reviewers Saying?

A quick glance through the reviews immediately reveals that this brand is well worth both your attention and investment. “Beautiful sunglasses. The lenses are crystal clear and the frames give extra coverage, which is especially useful when out on the water,” says one reviewer, while another raves, “The quality and fit of these glasses are perfect. Crystal clear, my new favorite pair.” Other reviewers are quick to note the excellent customer service they received, with one reviewer saying, “Bajio has fantastic customer service and is very timely in processing.”

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