An Honest Review of Vuori Activewear

There are only a few aspects of our daily existence that COVID-19 didn’t impact. On a surface level, fashion has been permanently altered with a greater emphasis on comfort. In the first few weeks of the pandemic, casual loungewear became a staple, with millennials and Gen Z leading the charge on TikTok and Instagram. The shift happened very suddenly, with cozy WFH fits usurping the business casual attire we had all been wearing, unquestionably, for decades. 

Working Out Well

Another interesting and related shift has taken place: in response to the increase in free time many of us had while working from home, it has become refreshingly easy to introduce exercise to your busy daily routine—sometimes even during office hours.

As long as you set your Slack status to “away,” it’s simple to do a few squats and lunges in your living room. Particularly when you have the proper athletic attire in your wardrobe, it is effortless to find the motivation to introduce workouts to your daily schedule and work towards a healthier lifestyle overall.

The New Wave of Athletic Fits

Before 2020, Lululemon essentially dominated the market for high-quality athletic clothing. Its high price tag has done nothing to dissuade its cult followers, primarily millennial women who engage in an active lifestyle. But supporting small businesses rather than large corporations became increasingly important to consumers since lockdowns shuttered many local businesses.

Even while the pandemic shut down physical clothing stores, there were a lot of online boutiques making more money and just as many brand-new companies setting up LLCs. During the first months of the pandemic, many new athleisure and loungewear brands launched, many with a sustainable and socially conscious focus. Other existing brands saw an explosion of interest. However, not all athleticwear brands are created equal.

Introducing Vuori Clothing

One of the major players in this new wave of brands is Vuori Activewear. I was excited to try Vuori’s products specifically because their brand seemed attractive to me. They have a solid mission statement, dedication to quality, and commitment to sustainability.

Drawn in by the aspirational photos of smiling blonde and tan California surfers on their website and social media platforms, I was persuaded that perhaps I could also lead a more healthy, active, and exciting lifestyle, emboldened by the confidence that Vuori’s products provided.

Vuori’s Mission Statement

Launched in 2014, Vuori markets its attire as “performance apparel” rather than athleticwear or athleisure. This interesting turn of phrase immediately sets them apart from the competition by lending a powerful edge to their brand.

Stating that their products were inspired by the “active [c]oastal California lifestyle,” Vuori intends to integrate “fitness, surf, sport, and art” by making the West Coast wellness lifestyle accessible to all, while “breaking down the boundaries of traditional activewear.”

Vuori’s Values and Philosophy

Vuori is guided by the philosophy that their products can help on a collective level as well as the individual level.

They believe that their products can encourage us to “live extraordinary lives.” In other words, harmony and unity over division are at the core of their ethos. In a highly divisive time in history, the simplicity of this statement is meaningful to many consumers. Sometimes all we need is a reminder that we’re not alone.

Too Good to be True?

While it may seem lofty, idealistic, or even naïve to assume that your choice of performance wear can grow your social circle and make you a happier person, I’m not so quick to discount the power of persuasion. It’s very possible that Vuori’s performance apparel is changing the lives of men and women who aspire to have more fulfilling lives on an indirect level.

Like any company adapting to the rapidly shifting e-commerce space, Vuori has its advantages and disadvantages compared to its competitors. There is something undeniably unique about Vuori, from its brand presentation to its emphasis on collective happiness. But what about the quality of the products themselves? Let’s discuss.

Vuori Women’s Performance Apparel Provided the Motivation I Needed

Some people are born ready to get out of bed and go for a run. I was sadly not blessed with this gene. For the sake of transparency, I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of working out—to say the least. It takes some extra motivation to get me up and moving. It doesn’t come naturally to me, and I find it challenging to incorporate regular workouts into my routine. I am more motivated when I wear something stylish.

I don’t know why, but I’m the type of person whose mood can be changed instantly by what I’m wearing. If I like my outfit, I have a great day; it influences how I show up in the world. It has a very powerful psychological effect on me.

A Spark of Motivation in the Mail

As you can imagine, it was a make-or-break moment when I opened my Vuori clothing package. I was immediately thrilled and began to anticipate my new workout. I was excited to try the Vuori activewear since it looked comfortable, breathable, and, best of all, very high-quality.

My instincts were correct. Receiving my Vuori joggers and Vuori shorts excited to work out and motivated me to work out harder. I loved the feel of the fabric, the ease of movement, and the aesthetic beauty of the products.

Quality, Style, and a Touch of Luxury

The price point may be steep ($84 for a pair of joggers), but I think Vuori products are worth the investment. The unique features that Vuori offer include sustainable materials. At least 87% recycled polyester accounts for the structure of the Vuori joggers and the company’s signature DreamKnit fabric.

What is DreamKnit fabric? That question remains unclear to me, but I believe it refers to their “moisture wicking” stitch pattern. This pattern eliminates dampness more quickly. The joggers are also noticeably stretchier than most.

Variety, Abundance, and Freedom of Choice

One thing I immediately noticed about Vuori is the wide variety of colors, designs, styles, and sizes available.  I mention this because it’s remarkably rare in today’s athletic wear market. I have noticed a somewhat strange trend among many similar brands: starkly limited options. You may go in search of luxury athleticwear and find that your choices are limited. Typically, you can only find black, white, or heather grey—if you’re lucky

On the other hand, Vuori shorts and Vuori joggers are available in just about every color under the rainbow, ranging from bold and fiery shades like Grapefruit Heather to soft and dusty pastels like Dogwood Heather. Of course, if you like your basic tans and blacks, they’ve got those in spades: Heather Grey, Oyster Heather, and Black Heather.

My Overall Experience

Desert Rose Heather was the shade of Vuori shorts I requested, and the feminine color added a splash of brightness to an otherwise dreary winter day.  I also got myself a pair of Vuori joggers because they’re a loungewear necessity nowadays.

It’s currently winter here on the East Coast and I work from home. I can’t get enough joggers these days, and the Black Heather joggers looked like an ideal addition to my ever-growing collection. The boyfriend fit was almost too comfortable to be true and I fell in love with it instantly.

Both products arrived exactly as advertised. They fit snugly, and gave me the best—and most comfortable—workout experience I’ve had in a while. I’m officially sold.

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