A Review of Betabrand Yoga Pants

If the coronavirus pandemic made one thing clear, it’s that wearing comfortable pants is a must, even and especially when you’re working. Gone are the days of itchy, starchy, stiff women’s dress pants. Now, Betabrand has come to our rescue with a pair of pants that claims to be yoga pants and dress pants all in one. In this article, we’re giving you our honest review of Betabrand yoga pants.

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What is Betabrand?

Betabrand is a brand of women’s clothing that primarily sells yoga pants. They are known for making yoga pants for all occasions, from activewear to Dress Pant Yoga Pants that you could wear to work. 

Founded in 2010, Betabrand is almost exclusively an online shopping experience with only one brick-and-mortar store based out of San Francisco.

Our Betabrand Yoga Pants Review


The Betabrand yoga pants are generally made from Ponte fabric. It is known for being luxuriously soft, thick enough that it isn’t see-through but light enough that it is breathable and stretchy. The material can be washed in your regular washing machine and is wrinkle-resistant. 

There are many kinds of yoga pants to choose from. Choose from five different cuts (skinny-leg, straight-leg, boot-cut, wide-leg, or crop), numerous colors and patterns, and with or without pockets. Some Betabrand yoga pants have faux buttons and fly to make them appear like proper dress pants. 

Comfort and Practicality

The most crucial aspect of yoga pants is arguably their comfort and practicality. Are the pants comfortable to wear? Too many pairs of yoga pants are see-through or show lines underneath. How do the Betabrand yoga pants compare?

Betabrand yoga pants pass all tests. They are incredibly comfortable to wear while still looking formal enough to wear to work. They are made of a heavier-weight material and thicker weave, so I don’t notice any problems with the pants being see-through or showing any lines underneath. 

My only comfort criticism is that the material can be warm for summer weather. I prefer to wear these pants starting in that sweet spot between winter and fall, then throughout the winter weather. They’re great for keeping you warm in drafty office spaces!


How easy are Betabrand’s yoga pants to take care of? The Betabrand pants can be washed in your regular washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle. 

They should be laid flat to dry rather than going through the dryer. Betabrand also recommends turning pants with printed styles or lots of trim/detailing inside out before washing. That makes them slightly more involved to care for than other pairs of yoga pants I’ve owned in the past, but not challenging enough to keep me from buying more pairs. 


A pair of Betabrand’s dress pant yoga pants costs between $68-78. This price is significantly more affordable than major competitors like lululemon, Fabletics, or Alo Yoga. That being said, it is also an investment in higher quality yoga pants compared to what you could pick up from a superstore. We think the quality is well worth the cost. 

Pros and Cons


  • High quality, comfortable, breathable pants. 
  • Undergarment lines and colors won’t show through. 
  • Price is appropriate for the high quality. 


  • Thicker material is too hot for summer weather. 
  • Should be air-dried instead of going through the dryer. 


Betabrand yoga pants are an excellent solution for comfortable pants that you could wear to work. Finding high-quality pants is always challenging, so investing in brands you trust is an excellent idea. With so many different cuts, colors, patterns, and pockets available, there is a pair of Betabrand yoga pants for everyone. 


About 70% of Betabrand products are manufactured in San Francisco. However, a few products are made outside of the U.S. in South Korea, Thailand, and China. You can tell where your product was made by visiting the product page.

You can buy Betabrand online at www.betabrand.com or in person in San Francisco.

Betabrand yoga pants are available in sizes XS through 3X. When you order your size, you also choose a length: Short petite, petite, regular, or long. Betabrand offers a sizing guide and video to help you decide what size and length are best for you.

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