Moon Pod

A Moon Pod Brand Review

📅 June 14, 2024

In a Rush? Get the Fast Facts

  • 4 feet wide, 12 lb bean bag chair
  • Designed to support neck and back, preventing pain
  • Filled with custom EPS beads that don’t lose their shape
  • Created by the owner of Gravity Blanket
  • $399 regular price

Moon Pod

Lately, you may have heard a lot of buzz about Moon Pod. Some people online are saying that if Elon Musk were to reinvent the bean bag, the Moon Pod would be it. Everywhere, it seems like your coworkers, your Facebook friends, or even that mom from the “Mommy and Me” class can’t stop talking about this great bean bag chair. Yet, with the internet the way it is, you’re reasonably skeptical about online trends. After all, bean bags can lead to that dreaded sinking feeling that isn’t necessarily the most supportive for long-term usage. So maybe you’re wondering, “Is this the real deal, or just the latest internet fad?” We decided to check it out for ourselves. Here’s our Moon Pod brand review.

What is the Moon Pod?

Created by John Fiorentino, owner of Gravity Blanket, Moon Pod offers comfort, anxiety relief, and health benefits. This product uses high-quality beads and a cooling cover to provide a zero-gravity sensation and comfort. These features are specifically designed to make users feel like they are floating on air. Unlike the round shape of a classic beanbag, this one has an irregular oval shape. This is what allows for that weightless feeling.

This chair takes up about 4 square feet and weighs just 12 lbs. It’s dense enough to stand up by itself and reshapes itself every time you shift your body, cupping you perfectly without sacrificing any support. The cooling cover, zero-gravity sensation, and reshaping features make the Moon Pod different from a traditional bean bag chair. It can be used for many different purposes and is a versatile piece of furniture.

If you struggle with back and neck support in your current work chair, have trouble keeping good posture, or simply want to alleviate the stressors of everyday life, the Moon Pod is the chair for you.

Who is the Moon Pod for (and who is it not)?

The Moon Pod can be used for many different purposes. It is a versatile piece of furniture, providing many benefits beyond a comfortable seat. The Moon Pod offers ergonomic support with its high-density beads and is designed to provide a weightless seating experience akin to flotation therapy. You can use this bean bag chair for relaxing and lounging in a bedroom, loft, or basement. It’s great for comfortable movie or game nights with family or friends. This chair is also great for the work environment, where it can provide you with better back and neck support, preventing unnecessary back and neck pain. That means a more comfortable workday with less physical pain and headaches and increased energy levels.

The Moon Pod might work for:

Anyone who wants to relax in a bedroom/loft/basement

It’s great for comfortable movie or game nights with family or friends. Any late-night TV watchers will appreciate this as a lounging option they can also fall asleep in it without being uncomfortable. This also makes it an ideal choice for gamers who invest hours into a computer or video game.

Working from home

Why spend hundreds on an office chair when this can provide you with better back and neck support? That means a more comfortable workday with less physical pain and headaches and increased energy levels. Of course, it may not be feasible to work at your desk with it, so it can act as a secondary seating option. It does all this while taking up minimal space in your home thanks to its relatively small footprint.

Anyone struggling with their mental health

Just like a weighted blanket or flotation therapy, the Moon Pod offers stress and anxiety relief. It may help relax fidgety kids or those who have trouble staying still, which makes this a purchase towards self-care and peace of mind.

The Moon Pod might not work for:

Taller or heavier people

If you’re someone who is blessed in terms of height, this may not be the bean bag chair for you. Anyone who is six feet tall or even taller might struggle to fit comfortably onto it. The same goes for heavier folks, as the weight limit is 300 lbs. If this is you, we recommend investing in furniture that lets you spread out and lounge more comfortably. Or you can check out the Super Moon Pod, which is intended for two people and is currently on sale.

Those looking for a budget bean bag

If top quality isn’t what you’re after and you’re simply looking for something under a certain price, this may not be the most affordable option.

Anyone with mobility issues

Getting in and out of this chair requires mobility, and those who have trouble with this might find it difficult to push themselves out of the Moon Pod chair.

Up close and personal with the Moon Pod

Has the Moon pod truly reinvented the bean bag? Here’s everything you need we know about why this bean bag might benefit you.

Design, Materials, and Construction

If you’ve ever owned a beanbag chair, you’re probably familiar with that annoying “deflation” that occurs over time. It seems like just as you get used to the chair, the cover wears down, the beads go flat, and it’s time to replace it. Moon Pod’s bean bag chair was explicitly designed with this issue in mind. Made with custom EPS beads that support weight, the Moon Pod continues to hold its shape while conforming to yours. This is also due to the high-density nature of the beads. All of these design aspects make the Moon Pod a sustainable choice that is built to withstand wear over time. 

Forget about sagging and sinking into your traditional bean bag and get excited to float in the Moon Pod. The outer layer of the Moon Pod is made with spandex, cotton, and polyester, while the inner layer is made of spandex and polyester only. It’s removable, making it ideal for pet owners. The bean bag weighs about 12 pounds and takes up approximately 4 square feet. You can also purchase replacement covers, which are perfect for changing your pod’s modern design. The lightweight and portable nature of the Moon Pod makes it ideal for different spaces, like living rooms, reading nooks, or outdoor areas. It includes a removable, washable cover, making maintenance easy, and offers an outdoor cover for added versatility. Their manufacturing process is eco-friendly, and Moon Pod ensures that their leftover materials are always re-used in future projects.


Ultimately, this device provides a long-term seating solution that makes you feel as though you’re floating rather than sinking. It is meant to adapt to three different positions:

  • Seated (best for working)
  • Reclining (best for relaxing or lounging)
  • Fully laying down (for napping)

Since it works for so many different activities, this is a versatile and cozy furniture solution for a range of lifestyles. It can take a fair amount of abuse, which is ideal for larger families. You can rest assured that it won’t lose its shape over time thanks to the unique double-shell construction that provides stretch while maintaining density. One comment buyers do have in terms of function is that the Moon Pod chair can be difficult to take in and out of its cover. The process is easier if you have two people to maneuver it.


The Moon Pod features a modern, contemporary design with several color options. This includes Cosmic Ash, Rose Quartz, Neptune Blue, Space Grey, and Moon Indigo. The color range has a subtle but elevated look that fits any decor without taking it over. To wash the cover, just put it in your washing machine. Make sure to wash with cold water only and tumble dry on low. Space-wise, its footprint is relatively compact, which is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for smaller spaces. It may not be ideal for someone looking for furniture with a formal look, but it may fit in with some more traditional homes.

Unexpected Benefits of the Moon Pod

1. The Moon Pod is super comfortable

Of course, the primary question to be asked about any bean bag chair is, “How comfortable is it?” The Moon Pod shifts with your body weight and supports you. Many reviewers say that it provides relief on major pressure points. It does this whether you’re sitting, lying, or lounging. Many users even find this bean bag comfortable to nap in. Its weightless design cradles you, making you feel suspended in water or space. Still, that comfort is somewhat subjective given your height, those much taller than 6” might not find the beanbag large enough.

2. The Moon Pod reduces stress & anxiety

Moon Pods are great for reducing stress and anxiety. The chair was built to imitate flotation therapy, which is used by mental health professionals to manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Individuals carry their stress and anxiety in their bodies, often through stiffness and tension in the muscles, neck, and shoulders. The Moon Pod was designed to eliminate the effects and stresses of gravity on the body. It feels like you’re floating on a cloud, which is great to come home to after a hectic day at work and chauffeuring the kids to basketball practice. Sink into this chair with a good book and feel the stress just melt out of your body.

3. It can alleviate pregnancy discomfort

Many pregnant women are known to use body pillows, and the Moon Pod acts as an extremely comfortable chair for pregnant women. Multiple reviewers say that the weightless feeling and cradling of the body provides relief from the symptoms of pregnancy, including pain and cramps. A luxurious seating option for anyone who is expecting, or has a partner that is.

How long will the Moon Pod last?

It has a durable build and won’t leak beads like cheaper alternatives. The manufacturer assures customers that it lasts many years. Additionally, if anything does happen, the brand offers replacement covers and will soon be offering replacement fill if anything does happen to the beads.

How much is a Moon Pod?

The standard Moon Pod is $399 at the regular price, while the Moon Pod for two is regularly $675. The manufacturer offers several different accessories, including an outdoor cover and a “Lunar Lift” footrest. Items on the website range from $39 up to $675. One of the more popular accessories is the “Crescent,” which acts as a large neck pillow that supports the neck and arms while you sit. While the Moon Pod prices seem high compared to other products, we think it’s worth every penny! 

This isn’t your budget college dorm room bean bag. The experience is elevated and so is the price tag. If you want that weightless feeling and it truly helps you relax, it’ll usually cost you $399. However, the Moon Pod bean bag is currently having a promotion and slashing prices to $299 for a total of $100. While some people still might consider that a lot to shell out, it’s an advanced, ergonomic version of a classic product that provides perfect support in any position. You can also save money through their referral program, which gives customers $25 for every shopper they refer who spends $99+.

Can you return the Moon Pod?

As with all online products, you can’t try this bean bag out before buying. However, they do accept returns within 14 days of you receiving your product. To do so, buyers need to access the brand’s return portal and receive an RMA number. Once the return is accepted, they’ll send you instructions and you can package your chair to return. However, customers are required to pay shipping costs and a restocking fee, which not everyone is on board with. If you would like to negotiate an exchange instead, send your order details and issues to

What are customers saying?

It’s hard to judge from a company’s websites if their positive reviews are authentic, so we headed to Twitter to see what people had to say.

Pros & Cons


  1. Comfort and Support: The Moon Pod offers significant comfort due to its high-density EPS beads, providing a weightless seating experience. It’s designed to alleviate back and neck pain, offering ergonomic support for various body types.
  2. Versatility: It’s lightweight and portable, making it suitable for different spaces, and its ability to let users sit, recline, or lie down makes it versatile for multiple uses.
  3. Stylish Design and Maintenance: The Moon Pod comes in various colors with a removable, machine-washable cover, adding a stylish touch to the home decor while being easy to maintain. The optional outdoor cover extends its usability to outdoor areas.


  1. Price: The Moon Pod is relatively expensive compared to traditional bean bags, which could be a limiting factor for some buyers.
  2. Size and Getting Up: It might be too small for larger individuals and can be difficult to get out of due to its low seating position, which can be challenging for people with mobility issues.
  3. Bead Movement: The beads inside the Moon Pod can shift around, requiring occasional readjustment to maintain optimal support.

Should You Buy the Moon Pod?

The Moon Pod is undoubtedly the ideal investment for individuals who suffer from anxiety, want to be comfortable while working, or simply need to snatch some “me time” after a long day. It acts as a form of DIY sensory therapy that has tons of mental health benefits. Plus, its versatility makes it stand out from the crowd; it’s not often that you find a seating option you can both comfortably work and fall asleep in. It has a shape unlike any other in the bean bag market. It’s the ergonomic factor that really piques our interest in this innovative, new furniture design of 2022. While the price is higher than that of foam-based bean bag brands, the small footprint, zero-gravity sensation and health benefits of the Moon Pod make it the best bean bag chair on the market.

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