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A Moon Pod Brand Review

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Lately, you’re hearing a lot about Moon Pod. Everywhere, it seems like your coworkers, your Facebook friends, or even that mom from the “Mommy and Me” class can’t stop talking about this great bean bag chair. Yet, with the internet the way it is, you’re reasonably skeptical about online trends. So maybe you’re wondering, “Is this the real deal, or just the latest internet hype?” We decided to check it out for ourselves. Here’s our Moon Pod brand review.

What is the Moon Pod?

Created by John Fiorentino, owner of Gravity Blanket, Moon Pod offers comfort, anxiety relief, and health benefits. Specifically designed to make users feel like they are floating on air, the Moon Pod uses high-quality beads and a cooling cover to provide a zero-gravity sensation and comfort. This chair takes up about 4 square feet and reshapes itself every time you shift your body, cupping you perfectly without sacrificing any support.

Who is the Moon Pod for (and who is it not)?

However, if you’re someone who is blessed in terms of height, this may not be the bean bag chair for you. Many tall people (if you’re over 6 feet) will struggle to fit themselves comfortably onto it. If this is you, we recommend investing in furniture that lets you lounge comfortably.

That said, if height is no issue, and you struggle with back and neck support in your current work chair, have trouble keeping good posture, or simply want to alleviate the stressors of everyday life, the Moon Pod is the chair for you.

Our Moon Pod Review

While the anti-gravity vision behind the Moon Pod seems incredible, what does it look like in action? Here are our three favorite things about this chair:

Designed to Last

If you’ve ever owned a beanbag chair, you’re probably familiar with that annoying “deflation” that occurs over time. It seems like just as you get used to the chair, the cover wears down, the beads go flat, and it’s time to replace it. Moon Pod’s bean bag chair was explicitly designed with this issue in mind. Made with custom EPS beads that support weight, the Moon Pod continues to hold its shape while conforming to yours.

The outer layer of the Moon Pod is made with spandex, cotton, and polyester, while the inner layer is made of spandex and polyester only. The bean bag weighs about 12 pounds, and the manufacturer promises it lasts for years. You can also purchase replacement liners, which are perfect to change up your pod’s color. Color options include Space Gray, Cosmic Ash, Moon Indigo, Rose Quartz, and Neptune Blue.

The Moon Pod is Super Comfortable

Of course, the primary question to be asked about any beanbag chair is, “How comfortable is it?” Again, the Moon Pod shifts with your body weight and supports you, whether sitting, lying, or lounging. Its weightless design cradles you, making you feel suspended in water or space.

Moon Pod Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Moon pods are great for reducing stress and anxiety. It was built to imitate flotation therapy, used by mental health professionals to manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

We must admit that it’s worth the hype. It feels like you’re floating on a cloud, which is great to come home to after a hectic day at work and chauffeuring the kids to basketball practice. Sink into this chair with a good book and feel the stress just melt out of your body. Yes, we think it’s that good.

How Much Does the Moon Pod Cost?

The standard Moon Pod is $399 at the regular price, while the Moon Pod for two is regularly $675. The manufacturer offers several different accessories, including an outdoor cover and a “Lunar Lift” footrest. Items on the website range from $39 up to $675. One of the more popular accessories is the “Crescent,” which acts as a large neck pillow that supports the neck and arms while you sit. While the Moon Pod prices seem high compared to other products, we think it’s worth every penny!

Should You Buy the Moon Pod?

The Moon Pod is undoubtedly the ideal investment for individuals who suffer from anxiety, want to be comfortable while working, or simply need to snatch some “me time” after a long day. While the price is higher than that of competing bean bag brands, the zero-gravity sensation and health benefits of the Moon Pod make it the best bean bag chair on the market.

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