7 Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Unwanted body hair can be embarrassing and annoying. Don’t worry! There are plenty of hair removal methods to get rid of it. From traditional shaving to efficient threading, here are seven ways to remove unwanted hair!

1. Shaving

Shaving is probably the most popular way to remove unwanted body hair. By using a razor, you can easily achieve a quick and smooth look. The most common way to shave is by wet shaving in the bath or while you take a shower. You can also choose to dry shave with an electric razor.


One of the biggest pros of shaving is that it is quick and effective. It is great for the arms, underarms, legs, and bikini line. As long as you don’t nick yourself, shaving is a painless way to eliminate unwanted hair.  Also, wet shaving does an excellent job of exfoliating dry skin, making your arms and legs look extra smooth.


Shaving must be done frequently to achieve a hairless look. You must also replace your razor or razor head after 5-10 uses to get the best results. It can cause razor burns, ingrown hairs, and itching.

2. Waxing

Another popular method of hair removal is waxing. Warm wax is applied to the hairs, and then a strip of fabric is placed on top to strip away the wax and unwanted hair. You can also use pre-made wax strips to target unwanted facial hair on your upper lip, chin, and sideburns.


Waxing makes your skin feel silky smooth for up to several weeks. It also makes it easy to target larger areas of your body. When the hair finally does grow back, it isn’t prickly stubble, but rather, the ends of the hairs are tapered. This makes the hair less obvious.


It can be painful when the hair is stripped away. The hot wax is messy, and if applied when it is too hot, it can cause burns. Another drawback is that you must let your hair grow out before waxing. If you go to a salon to get waxed, it tends to be expensive.

3. Plucking

A great way to manage bushy eyebrows and facial hair growth is by plucking it away using tweezers. Remember that tweezers become dull after many uses. By cleaning them after each use, you will keep your tweezers sharper for a longer period.


This is an excellent way to quickly reshape your eyebrows. It is simple enough to do in the comfort of your own home. Tweezed hair takes longer to grow back since the root pulls it out.


Plucking can only be used on small sections of the body. Hair follicles could potentially become damaged after excessive plucking and cause bald spots.

4. Threading

Threading has become an extremely popular method of removing unwanted facial hair. It is done by using twisted threads to pull and remove the hair.


Threading is sometimes quicker than plucking since you can remove rows of hair at once. It is also more gentle on your skin than traditional plucking. Hair is slow to grow back and doesn’t grow back prickly.


While some claim that threading is virtually painless, others think it is the most painful procedure they’ve ever experienced. This is not something you could do at home by yourself. You will need to go to someone who is trained in how to thread hair.

5. Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are also known as depilatories. These creams use chemicals to dissolve surface-level hair. You simply apply the cream and wait the specified amount of time and then simply wipe away.


Hair removal treatments are inexpensive and easy to do in the privacy of your own home. They are an excellent way to remove hair from the underarms, bikini line, and upper lip.


The chemical smell from hair removal creams is quite pungent. These chemicals may also cause irritation to the skin. Try testing the product on a small portion of your skin before use. Typically works best on smaller sections of the body.

6. Hair Removal Devices

Another way to remove hair is with a hair removal device or epilator. These hand-held devices have rotating tweezer heads that remove hair as you guide it across the skin’s surface.


These easy-to-use devices make it a breeze to use at home. Since epilators puck hair out from the root, it takes hair quite some time to make its comeback. These devices can be used on many body parts from small to large areas.


Removing hair with these devices is sometimes painful, especially in more sensitive areas.

7. Electrolysis

Electrolysis uses a need that delivers a small blast of an electric current into your hair follicle. This current destroys the hair follicle causing the hair to be removed permanently.


Did someone say permanent results? After getting several electrolysis treatments, many notice a reduction in the amount of unwanted hair they have. This procedure is also much more cost-effective than laser hair removal and is available to those with all hair types.


As each hair is removed, it causes a stinging sensation that you might find unpleasant. It is also a slow process since your electrologist has to remove each hair individually.

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