5 Ways to Organize Your Makeup

If you collect cosmetics, you might be wondering how to organize them. Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or just enjoy trying new products, learning how to organize your makeup is key to knowing what you have and what you still need to buy. In this article, we will break down five ways to organize your makeup collection effectively.

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Learning how to organize your makeup will depend on your storage space, budget, and personal preferences. With that in mind, here are five ways to organize your makeup.

Labeled Drawers

Drawers are another easy way to organize your makeup. You can use drawers to sort your products and label them so you know where everything is. You can also use dividers and smaller bins within each drawer to keep products tidy.

Shallow drawers are great for storing makeup in an organized way. Rather than digging through a pile of cosmetics, shallow drawers allow you to see everything you have at once. This keeps your makeup products organized and easy to find.

Makeup Bags

Although some people don’t like the idea of digging through makeup bags, they can still help you organize your makeup. Small cosmetic bags are great for storing similar items together. They are also excellent for containing small items, like trial-size items or nail polishes.

Makeup bags are also a great storage solution because they aren’t boxy and don’t take up very much space. Bags can often conform to whatever size container you put them in, which makes them a versatile storage solution within drawers or storage bins. You could invest in chic matching bags or clear bags to store your cosmetics.

Clear Organizers

Clear organizers are a major trend in makeup organization. They are excellent for seeing all the products you have and where they are stored. This can help you use products you may have forgotten about more often.

Additionally, clear organizers allow you to see any products that may have expired, so you can keep your organizers clean and tidy. They are also great for establishing a clean, minimalist look. These organizers stay nice because they easily wipe down to keep clean.

Rolling Utility Carts

Rolling carts are another popular makeup storage solution these days. That’s because these carts are affordable, cute, and store fashionably against a wall or in a closet. Carts have lots of space and often have multiple shelves, which gives you lots of room to store cosmetics alongside other skin and hair products.

For example, you could store makeup brushes in a cup on the top shelf of your cart alongside everyday cosmetics, pretty perfume bottles, hairspray and dry shampoo bottles, and hair tools. On the middle shelf, you could organize bins or bags of makeup products you use frequently. Finally, you could hold makeup products that you use less frequently on the bottom shelf of the cart.

Carts are the perfect solution if you are short on counter space or bathroom drawers. Carts are also an excellent organization idea for quickly moving your makeup supplies. If you store your makeup in your bedroom but get ready in your bathroom, you could use the cart to move everything easily.

Specialized Makeup Organizers

Another excellent way to organize your makeup is with specialized makeup organizers. These are organizers that are designed to hold a specific kind of makeup product.

For example, specialized lipstick organizers are made to hold all of your lipsticks together. There are also specialized organizers for nail polish, makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, compacts (like blush, powder, and highlighter), and mascara.

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