Five Small Kitchen Tips To Maximize Your Space

As I toured Midwestern houses this summer, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of lovely homes with small kitchens. This left me puzzled and frustrated. Why didn’t more people value the beauty, functionality and delightful smells of a gorgeous kitchen? Why are little kitchens so common in houses? And more importantly: What are some ways to maximize this minimal space? If you are still touring your way to your dream kitchen, then these five tips can help you squeeze a little extra out of your tiny space.

Avoid an Ironic Situation

When I was younger, I liked going into a friend’s kitchen and trying to guess where they kept the silverware. We had a cup full of spoons on the counter, and everything else tucked into a drawer at my house. Feel free to steal that cup-full-of-spoons idea (especially if you eat a lot of cereal). If exposed cutlery isn’t your thing, then maybe an expandable bamboo drawer organizer is more your speed. This water-resistant organizer made by Dynamic Gear upgrades your drawers from a mess of random forks and knives to a neatly organized home of silverware. In a room where you want what you want when you want it, don’t settle for 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. Stay organized. Stay sane.

Spice Goals

Whether you’ve tried storing your spices in a drawer or in a cabinet, I am sure you grabbed the paprika when you wanted the chili powder. Despite both being red, these spices have vastly different purposes and taste profiles. When you’re in a pinch or a recipe calls for one, don’t grab the wrong spice.

There are a few spice organizations you can opt for, but by my count, the best option is the Simple Houseware cabinet holder strip. I am all in favor of anything that makes a previously unused space more functional. The inside of a cabinet door is one of those spaces. By attaching these strips to the cabinet interior and latching your spice in place, you can save shelf storage for more things and make spices more visually accessible. This is the definition of a win-win item. Quick, small, functional, and affordable solutions to upgrade tiny kitchens. Love it.

Swiss Army Knife-like Kitchen Gadgets

When you’re short on space, you want to ensure that everything you own has a specific purpose. Marie Kondo popularized the idea of only keeping items that “spark joy.” When it comes to a small kitchen, joy doesn’t play as large a role as functionality. You want to pack your pantry with items that do more than one thing.

The Instant Pot has 7 in 1 functionality, meaning you can throw out six items to get one. Bye-bye, crockpot and pressure cooker, hello Instant Pot. Since becoming a bit of an internet phenomenon a few years ago, the Instant Pot has earned a cult-like following. From Top Chef contestants to popular Congresswomen, the Instant Pot is perfect for anyone looking to make more in the kitchen. With thousands of recipes and tips, the Instant Pot community is a welcoming place on the internet. Whether you want to sauté meats or cook rice, look no further than the Instant Pot.

Big Flavors, Small Products

Bigger is not always better, especially in small kitchens. When storage space is short, but you must have waffles, the solution is simple. The Dash mini waffle maker is tiny! At 5’’ wide and 6’’ long, this waffle maker makes perfect 4’’ waffles. Weighing in at only a pound, this waffle maker is light enough to store just about anywhere in your micro-kitchen.

The Dash mini waffle maker also packs a powerful double functionality punch. Not just content to supply you with adorable waffles, use the Dash mini to make individual paninis or hashbrowns. You can read more about why I love mini waffles so much here, but trust me when I say good things sometimes come in small packages.

No Kitchen Is an Island

When you’ve run out of all the space you’ve inherited in your small kitchen, you always have the final option to bring in more. The Hodedah Kitchen Island provides additional shelves, drawers, and racks to store, place, and hang kitchen items.
Sturdy enough to hold your toaster oven, coffee pot, or blender, this island has wheels for easy moving. I prefer my island’s stationary, but it’s helpful knowing that I can simply unlock the brakes and wheel it out if I need to move it. The metal glide drawers provide security to prevent them from slipping out upon entry—bonus points for the ability to adjust the interior shelf as needed too.


Just because you’re crunched for space does not mean you need to be crunched for comfort and functionality. Pick and choose from these tips to turn your small kitchen disadvantages into a tiny kitchen wonderland.

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