5 Reasons I Switched to Misfits Market for My Produce

As convenient as grocery stores are compared to our great grandparents’ farming practices, life has gotten even more convenient than that. If you are interested in healthy, affordable food delivered straight to your door, check out the five main reasons I switched to Misfits Market for my grocery shopping.

What is Misfits Market?

First things first: what is Misfits Market? If you haven’t seen Misfits Market itself, you have probably seen ads for similar services. The concept is simple; You shop for groceries online at Misfits Market, order what you want when you want, and then receive a box on your front doorstep. The box is filled with 100% organic, colorful, healthy fruits and vegetables and other sustainably sourced groceries of your choosing. The catch? These fruits and vegetables are “grocery store rejects.”

As it turns out, most shoppers choose the pretty produce over the ugly produce. How shallow, right? Because most shoppers tend to instinctively avoid misshapen or oddly sized produce, grocery stores don’t even bother stocking it. Instead, they throw it out, which causes it to make up a huge chunk of daily food waste. Misfits Market seeks to eliminate this waste and save interested customers money by delivering boxes of “ugly produce” at a discounted rate.

How Does it Work?

To use Misfits Market, simply create a profile, select your shipping frequency, and customize your box for delivery. Pay a flat rate for the box size you choose (more on that in a moment), then pay more depending on any extra items you might desire. Misfits Market will time your delivery at your convenience. Additionally, the produce is delivered in eco-friendly packaging that you can recycle.

Why I Switched to Misfits Market (And You Should Too!)

If you aren’t convinced by the service’s premise alone, check out the benefits of Misfits Market that I (and other customers) have experienced firsthand.

1. Healthier Options

I have a lot of character flaws, but perhaps my biggest one is never sticking to my list at the grocery store. I plan my meals, fill my cart with healthy ingredients, and then lose track of all good intentions when I see the snack aisle. My husband has a weakness for dill pickle potato chips, and I can’t control myself around Oreos.

Luckily, Misfits Market makes it a lot harder to steer off course. I can plan my box around my meals, and there’s no worry of impulse purchasing items I don’t really need. Of course, if I’m in the market for a good snack, Misfits Market does offer healthy, organic snacks that are way better for us than dill pickle potato chips.

2. Affordable Prices

Who can say no to a balanced grocery budget? In addition to protecting weak shoppers (e.g., me) from impulse purchases, ugly produce is a better bang for your buck all around. Misfits Market offers produce for up to 40% off its retail price! Depending on how you fill your box, you will pay a base cost of $30. You are free to pay more if you want additional goodies, but for 12-14 types of produce in your box, that’s a darn good deal. The shipping fee is a flat rate of $5.50, so there is no need to worry about where you live or what carrier you use.

3. Convenient Delivery

If you are like me and have a tough time finding a “grocery store window” during the week, front-door delivery is a gift from the universe. Delivered in smart packaging to keep the produce fresh, you don’t have to plan a 100-meter dash to the grocery store on your lunch break. Instead, build your box with a few clicks and then wait for it to come to you.

4. Full Personalization

Misfits Market allows customers to customize their box before shipment, which means it is exactly like grocery shopping online. The only difference is that this food is much cheaper and healthier.

5. Reduces Food Waste

Misfits Market is on a mission to reduce food waste. They have rescued over 128 million pounds of food since 2018. Rescuing food is good for the environment and drove close to $90 million in revenue (70 cents per pound) to Misfits Market’s farmers and suppliers in 2021.

Not only does an ugly produce service reduce grocery store waste, but it also reduces the waste in individuals’ homes. How? Again, I’m not tempted to buy extra items just because they look good to me at the grocery store. Because I am free to select the individual fruits and vegetables I want, I don’t have to buy in bulk. Instead, I can purchase what I need for my meals that week, then use up each item before it has time to go bad. If I happen to overestimate how much I need, it’s as easy as a few clicks to skip my next Misfits Market delivery.

Final Verdict?

Misfits Market is for you if you love saving money, eating healthy, and not rushing out the door on your weekend to get groceries. Try it yourself and experience the beautiful benefits of buying ugly produce!

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