5 Healthy, Fun Snacks for Kids They Will Love!

Snacktime is every kid’s favorite time of day. And we might as well face it, it’s every adult’s favorite time of day, too. While snacktime doesn’t really need a selling point for most people, spicing things up in the kitchen always makes life a little more fun.

5 Fun Snacks for Kids

It’s worth noting that the internet is swamped with fun, creative snacks of all kinds. From healthy to decadent to downright weird, you can find a recipe for everything. That said, our list is only meant to get you started on your search. So, without further ado, here are five fun snacks for kids (and adults).

1. Fruit Doughnuts

Doughnuts are delicious, but they aren’t really practical for an everyday snack. However, since half the fun of doughnuts is in their presentation, is it possible to transfer some of that magic to healthier options? Enter fruit doughnuts. To make a “fruit doughnut,” simply slice a round fruit (apple, watermelon, orange, etc.) into circular discs. Each disc should be roughly half an inch thick. Use a knife or small cookie cutter to create a hole in the center. “Ice” your doughnuts with peanut butter, yogurt, honey, cream cheese, etc. Then, sprinkle the top with nuts, seeds, or real sprinkles (because why not?). Voila! Delicious, healthy fruit doughnuts.

2. Kid-Friendly Sushi

Personally, I love sushi. When I first met my husband, he did not. I’ve slowly brought him around, and he enjoys sushi now, but I can’t help but think the kid-friendly version would have made for an easier transition. To make it, simply spread a tortilla with peanut butter, then roll up a banana inside. In its current state, it’s a banana burrito, but if you slice it into pinwheels, science has proven that you will have banana sushi instead!

3. Rainbow Veggies

If you’re looking for a colorful but low-maintenance snack, stop right here. It is incredibly easy to make a vegetable rainbow. Slice a red, orange, green, and yellow bell pepper into natural arches, then layer them on a plate. To form the clouds at the end of the rainbow, place round heads of cauliflower. Serve with ranch on the side.

4. Pretzel Trees

Honestly, most creative snacks don’t stray too far from what you would serve your kids normally. The trick is to present the snack differently. A prime example of this is pretzel trees. Use pretzel sticks to design a tree trunk with branches sticking out. Then, use green grapes to form the leaves at the end of each branch. You can use grape tomatoes as “apples” or other berries for some extra color.

5. Build-Your-Own Waffles

While not as healthy as the other snacks, no one can turn down a build-your-own waffle. Make miniature waffles, then set up a topping station. Encourage your kids (or your husband) to use whipped cream as “glue” for berries or chocolate chips. You can arrange the berries or chocolate chips into faces or use whipped cream as a beard or hair. If you want to design something other than faces, try cutting the waffles into animal or car shapes.

Food should never be boring, so no matter what snack you decide to make, have fun and be creative!

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