10 Pet-Friendly Plants To Spruce Up Your Home

We love that plants can add beauty and serenity to our homes, but having pets makes us a little unsure about what plants are safe around them. Dogs and cats (and even mini-humans) can pull and chew on the low-lying leaves, so we sought out some non-toxic plants that we can add to plant collections. From palms to dainty flowers, here are 10 pet-friendly plants to spruce up your home.

Prayer Plant

Bloomscape’s virtuous Prayer Plant is a great addition to any pet-friendly home. It gets its name from the way it folds its leaves inward each night. The two-toned leaves of dark and light green are threaded with a beautiful red vein. There are several types of prayer plants, but all are safe for your pets. They take direct to indirect sunlight, so keeping them close to your windowsill is best.

Baby Rubber Plant

The Sill Baby Rubber Plant is almost as cute as its name! It also goes by its more technical name the peperomia obtusfolia. With thick green leaves, it looks similar to a succulent, but unlike many succulents, this one is safe around your furry friends. Once a year, this cute plant may even surprise you with its white flowers.

Ric Rac Cactus

We absolutely love the Ric Rac Cactus. It has zig-zagged stems that beautifully splay out as it grows. This fun indoor plant is easy to care for and will add excitement to your home with its quirky personality.

Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns are pretty popular plants, but with good reason. This full plant will turn any space into a lush oasis. They look gorgeous when hung from the ceiling which will ensure that your pet won’t accidentally knock it over. If you choose to keep them closer to the ground-no worries! The Boston Fern is non-toxic to pets, so deck your house out with these amazing plants.

African Violets

If you’re looking for a plant that will add a pop of color to your space, look no further than the African Violet. They are super easy to care for, and they have delicate purple flowers that bloom throughout the year. Another thing that makes these violets so special is that they come in such a variety of different hues of purple. Find a spot in your house that has indirect sunlight and a cooler temperature of roughly 68 degrees and you’ll be set!

Spider Plant

If you’re just starting out on your house plant journey, the Bloomscape Spider Plant is a great choice for you. This low-maintenance plant is totally safe to have around your kids and pets. What we love even more is that spider plants are air-purifying plants. Non-toxic and cleans your air? Count us in!

Lady Palm

The long fronds of the Lady Palm add a bit of elegance to any space you add it to. It would look gorgeous on a bookshelf or end table. Although it is safe to have around your cats and dogs, you may want to consider keeping your Lady Palm on a higher surface. This is simply because palms tend to have longer stems and leaves which could easily be damaged by a pet. However, we think Lady Palms are essential to our living space with their deep green color and exotic appearance.

Parlor Palm

Are you in need of a tropical escape? Then you will want a Parlor Palm from The Sill in your life. This beautiful palm is sure to add hints of a lush oasis in your home. This plant is easy to care for and needs only bright indirect sunlight. Just like the spider plant, the parlor palm also purifies the air in your home. If you are looking for a larger plant to fill in space that’s harmless to pets, this palm is an excellent choice.

Money Tree

Another captivating tropical plant we love is the Sill Money Tree. This tree-like plant has a trunk that is braided together which adds a unique design element. The Chinese say this plant brings good luck to the owner and helps to relax the atmosphere in your home. We can’t wait to add this pet-friendly plant to our collection!

Friendship Plant

The final plant on our list is the herb-like Friendship Plant. This small plant looks so cute on windowsills and bookshelves. The bright green and intricate webbing of the leaves makes for an intriguing addition to any space around your home.

As pet owners, we want to make sure our furry friends are safe as we grow our plant collection. Grab a few of these plants and curate a beautiful in-home garden. If you aren’t sure where to begin, The Sill has a great pet-friendly plant subscription in which you can effortlessly build your collection.


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